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Unlimited Portable Power Supply

Foldable Solar Charger

Ultra compact, ultra lightweight and yet very durable, the PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger is ideal for everyday use. The entire unit weighs only 4.18 oz and still only 7.9 oz with 4 AA batteries. You will be able to charge 4 AA batteries in approximately 6 hours of full sunlight.

Be sure to standardize on AA batteries for all your gear and pickup Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries too.

Available from Amazon for $99 + shipping

Essential Bandage For Every Medical Kit

New Israeli Battle Dressing

Every medical should include two or more Emergency Bandages, also known as the New Israeli Battle Dressing. These 6-inch compression bandages are vacuum packaged and sterile and small enough to fit in your pocket, your medical kit, or an I.F.A.K. or MOLLE pouch. Although primarily designed to help staunch blood flow by applying pressure to the wound site, the 70-inch long elastic portion of the bandage can also be used in the field to construct a sling, to bind a strain or sprain, to secure splints to the broken limb, or even as an improvised tourniquet. The IBD is self contained. It does not require clips, Velcro or pins to use and there are no loose parts that can get lost or misplaced in an emergency.

Available from Amazon for $10.99 each + shipping

Compact Skin Stapler For Medical Kits

Compact Skin Stapler

This Skin Stapler 3-M with 25 Staples is small enough to include in any medical kit. The unit is less than 1 oz. in weight and is disposable and sterile. A skin stapler provides an easier means to repair many injuries as compared to sutures stitched by hand.

Available from Amazon for $12.49 plus shipping

Mini Trowel Replaces E-Tool For Small Packs

Mini Trowel For Small Packs

In a small pack or bug-out-bag, an E-Tool may be too heavy. But you still need a tool that provides good digging capability in a small size. This 9″ Stainless Steel Folding Trowel gets the job done and only weighs 7.7 ounces including a canvas storage bag. The compact size and low weight allow you to include this tool in any kit.

Available from Amazon for $9.13 + shipping

Inexpensive But Highly Functional Multitool

Walther Multi Tac Knife

Sometimes you don’t want to buy a $150 multitool for one of your kits. In those cases, the Walther Multi Tac Knife is a great choice considering the functionality for the low cost of $25. The knife comes in an awesome case with plenty of attachment options. The main blade is 3.25in with partial serration. A bottle opener and can opener are included. There is also a pliers that swings opens and provides decent leverage considering the small size. A set of bits are included for a variety of common tasks.

Available from Amazon for $24.97 + shipping

Smallest, Most Optimal Shortwave Radio

GP-4L Shortwave Radio

The GP-4L is the most optimal radio you will ever find. It is the world’s smallest digital shortwave radio. The radio is 3.4″ X 2.55″ X .83″ inches and runs on two AA batteries. ALED emergency light is built-in. The following frequency ranges are covered FM 76-109 MHz, MW 520-1740Khz & SW 5.20-18.30 MHz. Also includes both a speaker and headphone jack as well as a clock in 12hr format with wake-up to radio alarm. In searching for a compact radio that includes shortwave, there is no better product available.

Available exclusively from CountyComm for $28 plus shipping

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