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How to check the condition of a used revolver

The oddly named Humans4Targets2 offers this excellent video on checking the condition of a used revolver. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we buy used and we recommend buying used when you are getting starting, but you want to ensure you are buying a quality firearm. Watch this video so you are prepared the next time you visit the gun shop.

Useful Mil Dot Info

Useful Mil Dot InfoUseful Mil Dot Info

For anyone interested in long ranging shooting this is a must read article. How to Get the Most out of your Mil-Dot Reticle from Mil-Dot.com goes into great detail in explaining the usability of mil-dot scopes. We are currently building our own custom Data Books and we have incorporated many details and tips from this article into our dope. The article covers everything from the history of the mil-dot scope, the mathematics of using mil-dots, common details on measurements, and a pile of indispensable tips and tricks. We’d recommend a printed copy to review and highlight key information for future use. Also check out their Mil-Dot User Guide.

Read the full article on Mil-Dot.com

Houdini Transition Hooded Fleece

Houdini Transition Hooded FleeceHoudini Fleece Hoodie

After we recently posted this Ranger Hoodie from Triple Aught Design, one of our readers Brad B. sent us this cost-effective alternatively. The Houdini Transition Hooded Fleece has many of the design features we admire in the TAD design but at less than half the cost. The Sweden-based sportswear company Houdini has some very unique products and a sustainable philosophy. This garment is made from Houdini’s recycled Eco Circle Transition Stretch fabric and features copious pockets, taped seems and drawstring hem with a tailored collar featuring a headphone (comms?) port. You could buy two of these for one Ranger Hoodie – we will have to test both to report the corresponding value.

Available direct from BackCountry.com for $114.98 plus shipping

Living Out There Blog

We just added Living Out There from Arsenius the Hermit to our daily reads.

From the blog:

I had a lengthy Marine Corps career, living and working in more than 20 foreign countries during that time of my life. I spent more time at sea than most sailors. For the last 25 years I have lived in the mountains. My log home and out buildings are on a mountain top with a good view of my world. I own my own land and am surrounded by national forest.

Best EDC Tweezers

Mil-Spec TweezersMil-Spec Tweezers

You will find these tweezers on all of our keychains as well as in each of our medical kits. These are simply the best tweezers ever and they are Made In U.S.A. for our military (NSN: 3740-01-474-7377). Each unit is made from a single piece of stainless steel, resulting in robust design with perfect alignment. The tips are very pointy almost sharp and able to dig out anything. Apparently, after Desert Storm, General Norman Schwarzkopf wrote: “I have never had a pair of tweezers in my life that was worth a damn. Now I do and I appreciate it very much.”

Available direct from CountyComm for $6.95 plus shipping

AIMPRO Heavy Barrel Heat Shield

AIMPRO Heavy Barrel Heat ShieldAIMPRO Heat Shield

We are dedicated Mossberg users and these heavy barrel heat shields look wicked, are VERY well built and provide a practical solution to protect your hands from a hot barrel. From AIMPRO: “Our PN 100185 Heat Shield is an exact duplicate of the Mossberg® factory Mil-Spec Heavy Barrel Heat Shield, except this one is desiged to fit the 18.5″ M590A1. This version of the heat shield has never been produced by Mossberg® but they gave us permission to manufacture one of our own. Our PN 100185 comes with mounting hardware and instructions for installation on Bead or Ghost Ring barrels. Available in all of our XCOAT finishes. ”

Available only direct from AIMPRO for $59 plus shipping

SHTF Vehicles by Eric Peters

Well-written article by Eric Peters on choices for SHTF Vehicles:

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

In my last column I wrote about buying land as a hedge against both currency collapse and the very real possibility of roaming mobs of violent thugs in a SHTF scenario. Several readers brought up the issue of transportation. What kind of vehicle would be good to have in bad times? Here are some thoughts on that.

Read the full article on LewRockwell.com

Know Your Locks

Lockpicking is a new hobby and interest here, so we pass along this video featuring Schuyler Towne, founder of OpenLocksport.com, who shares his passion for locks.
This video is part of a series called LearnableCourses.

We recently picked up the Bogata Picks from SerePick for EDC. Check back soon for a review of the Bogata Picks as well as more information on lockpicking.

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