Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag Pouch

Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag PouchTriple/Triple 7.62/Glock

This is the perfect shingle for our rigs. ATS Tactical supplies a “triple triple” to fit three (3) magazines of 7.62 behind three (3) Glock (or other) mags. This is the perfect solution for proponents of battle rifles over carbines. Mounting two (2) of these allows the carriage of six (6) rifle and size (6) pistol magazines – a great load-out for serious situations. And while not Made In USA the ATS product line is backed by a lifetime warranty. We also like their 7.6 Modular Chest rig for smaller load-outs.

Available direct from ATS Tactical for $61.95 plus shipping

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