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Tips For Long Range (AR) Shooting

Pretty much none of this is AR-specific but all of it is helpful for long range shooting.

SHTF Lessons (Hurricane Irene)

Excellent discussion on XDTalk about lessons learned from recent hurricanes.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

When Hurricane Ike came through, most places here in Houston were out of electricity for two weeks or more. One thing I’d recommend is to have PLENTY of fuel for the generator. All gas stations had no electrical and no gas could be pumped, even if the storages were full. Also, a few other things my wife and I did to prepare is fill plastic gallon jugs up with water and freeze them. Sure is nice to have some way to cool off after in the 100 degree heat. Dont fill them all the way, leave about an inch or two for expansion. Have cash! All stores and restaurants (the few that opened afterwards) only accepted cash, since there was no way to use cards. Thats just a few things I can think of right now. Hope yall dont have to go through all that crap. oh yea, have something to protect your supplies… there were some reports of looting and theft. Good luck!

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Sensible Prepper Conference

If you are sensible and near South Carolina, maybe check it out and let us know.

Prepper News Excerpt:

We are holding a 2-Day Conference Oct. 14 & 15 2011 addressing many issues of prepardness. We have an outstanding line up of Speakers that will inspire you, a chance to network with people in your area, displays of needed gear, vendors with items for sale and much more.

Conference Location: Cherrydale Place Church 2300 Old Buncombe Road, Greenville, SC, 29609-4324

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Season Extending for Your SHTF Garden

Very helpful article from SHTF Blog on extending your garden into fall and winter.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

So, you’ve got your back up food production going strong through June, July and August. (Yes, I mean your garden.) September and chilly nights are here, October and frosts are just around the corner. How are you going to keep food production going for as long as possible? Without spending all your SHTF gold?

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On a related note, check out the Four Season Harvest book we recently posted.

The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Pt. V: Shotguns (2nd Edition)

The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Pt. V: Shotguns (2nd Edition)The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Pt. V: Shotguns (2nd Edition)

Detail stripping some shotguns (especially pump guns) can be maddeningly complex. So we grab this edition of The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly whenever we get started. The book includes information on 59 shotgun models along with 250 variants that are mechanically similar – chances are your shotgun is covered here. J.B. Wood has provided the definitive reference with this book. Take a look at the Gun Digest store for their wide variety of publications.

Available for $15.99 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Q: What are some cultural faux pas in police departments?

From Quora: What are some cultural faux pas in police departments?

TIOOIN News Excerpt:

Writing minor citations to people in certain occupations, especially doctors, nurses, and other emergency personnel. I’ll highlight “minor citations” here – I’m not talking about offenses usually resulting in arrest, I’m talking about tickets for slight speeding, license plates, parking, and so on. This may be construed as good-ol’-boy-ism, but think about it. If I write a ticket to an officer on another agency, and a mutual aid agreement causes us to work together in a major event, would I rather he or she get my back, or be thinking about that ticket I wrote them a few weeks ago? Similarly, if I get wheeled into the ER with gunshot or stab wounds, I don’t want even the split second of hesitation in a doctor or nurse’s motions as I’m recognized as the author of their recent ticket. Besides that, I worked with doctors and nurses in our local hospitals a lot. Good, benevolent nurses saved me literally hours of work sometimes in clearing red tape and expediting information requests – and the good will preserved in exercising officer discretion in this area was generally valued within the department.

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Glam Gun Girl

Glam Gun GirlGlam Gun Girl

Glam Gun Girl brings some fun to firearms with their line of original T-shirt designs featuring “glam gun girls” of the past and present. Our favorite is the “Sniper Girl Destroyed” shirt featured here, especially the back (pictured below). All of their shirts are made by American Apparel, which controversies aside are nice shirts. Some of the T’s have “grinding” at the collar, which might be fashionable but seems to just pre-ruin your shirt…whatever, fashion. Also check out their iPhone case.

Available direct from Glam Gun Girl

Sniper Girl Destroyed Back

Cool Caffeine Mints

Cool Caffeine MintsCool Caffeine Mints

Not much info beyond the website: “Each package of Cool Caffeine mints contains 10 mints. net weight .35oz. per pack. Unit of sale, 24 packages. USPS Priority shipping included. Only orders for shipment within the U.S. are accepted.” But we just ordered these and will report back asap. The Cool Caffeine mints seem like a great addition to your B.O.B. and also for your vehicles (especially for those of us who do not drink coffee).

Available direct from Cool Caffeine for $19.95 with FREE shipping

3-Gun Helmet Cam Awesomeness

From 1341usmc’s YouTube channel:

Having A Tank For A Spotter

Apparently tankers make excellent spotters, with a range of 4-miles too!

Sniper MBR News Excerpt:

The tanks crews have combined with snipers from 3/2 to form a deadly combination, Toolan said. The long-range optics on the tanks have a range of up to four miles, and have helped Marine forces establish positive identification on enemy fighters at distance, clearing the snipers to fire.

“They’ve been highly effective,” the general said. “Just in the past 10 days, the tank and snipers teams have contributed to about 50 enemy insurgents killed, using the snipers as sharpshooters and the tanks for the surveillance capability. It’s really a great combo, and 3/2 is spearheading that.”

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