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Make Ready with Massad Ayoob: Home Defense

From the legendary Mas Ayoob:

Are you prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones in your home? Join Massad Ayoob as he reviews the techniques for home defense. Ayoob has been writing for gun magazines since 1971. He has been an expert witness for the courts in weapons and homicide cases for over 30 years, and a sworn part-time police officer for 36 years. In this video, Ayoob covers topics like hardening your home’s perimeter, lighting, firearms and ammo selection, safe rooms, family member roles, getting help, and the myths of home defense.

From Patneao Productions

xkcd: Macgyver Gets Lazy

It’s never that easy for Macgyver!

xkcd: Macgyver Gets Lazy

This Is Not Safe! Bulletproof Edition

Being behind the bulletproof glass is the safe part.

How about the fact that:
1. There is no backstop, so a flyer would be a ricochet
2. No safety glasses on the shooter’s eyes (they are on his head)
3. The gap between the steel barricade and the floor
4. Flip-flops on the range?

Caught this on TTAG btw.

Today’s Gun Collection: chaos311clarity

Today we have a two-parter from chaos311clarity with a wicked collection to share:

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