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Sniper | Flickr

The US Army has a wicked Flickr stream…

US Army Flickr Stream



Found on verydemotivational.com

Getting Started: Gun Works On Reloading

Planning to get into reloading? Watch these videos:

Visit Down East Gun Works for more information on their reloading products.

Post SHTF Childbirth

SurvivalistBoards discusses the reality of childbirth post-SHTF:

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

As a woman of childbearing age, this is something I have thought about quite a bit…What are your plans for contraception/childbirth in a post SHTF situation. I thought we could share ideas and support (not necessarily debate about wheather we should attempt reproduction during that time!) So….

1. what sort of “event” are you prepping for?
2. will you use contraception? what kind?
3. What is your plan for childbirth?

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Wounded in Iraq: A Marine’s Story

Take some today to read the story of Justin Constantine. Thank you Justin!

Justin Constantine is a recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, and a Fellow with the Truman National Security Project. He can be reached at justinconstantine1@gmail.com.

Reality News Excerpt:

Blood and treasure are the costs of war. However, many news articles today only address the treasure — the ballooning defense budget and high-priced weapons systems. The blood is simply an afterthought. Forgotten is the price paid by our wounded warriors.

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MouseGuns.com’s Marshall Carlisle St. John Passes

Our sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Marshall Carlisle.

MouseGuns.com was one of our favorite sites and we thank Dr. Carlisle for the information and education he provided to so many people over the years. Sadly MouseGuns.com is now offline and unreachable, though Google has some articles in cache. Access the Google cache here.

Ammoland.com provides the full release

Today’s Gun Collection: usfreedom22

Today we feature usfreedom22′s SHTF gun collection:

Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer Receives Medal of Honor

Respect to Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer and everyone else serving to protect our freedom!

Follow the story at USA Today

Bulletproof Clothing w/ Video!

The Miguel Caballero company designs and produces PERSONAL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS for the safety of it’s customers – this means they make bulletproof clothing!

Check out the video below:

There is a US-based distributor called Eagle Protective Wear that stocks Miguel’s products (though the Eagle Pro website is almost unusably-slow). Some items are comparable in cost to normal vests and armor, though the proper Level IIIA stuff is quite expensive.

Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth MagnetsRare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets “are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements” (Wikipedia). This tiny magnets can support a huge weight making them perfect for unique mounting jobs, such as a gun safe. K&J Magnetics has an excellent selection and very fair prices. Rare Earth Magnets can be costly due to being made of “rare earth” elements, so it’s worth calling them to get the right product and best price. They also stock “levitation” kits such as the one pictured here – a permanent science experiment for your desk.

A variety of magnets are available from K&J Magnetics

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