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Kentucky Preppers Network Forum .308 Main Battle Rifle

Discussion of choices on KPN for .308 MBR (Main Battle Rifle) worth reading.
We are .308-only!

MBR News Excerpt:

I just recently purchased a PTR-91 (HK-91clone) and was wondering if anyone else had one or something similar, also was wondering what anyone else had and why they chose theirs.

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Family Camping Checklist or Super-Comfort SHTF List

Above Top Secret offers a take on Getting Started with an exhaustive shopping list.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

This list is for pleasure camping… with the family… which means your not packing light… in fact you might want to rent a U Haul to take it all… but here is yet another check list… trust me… if you have all this stuff… you’ll never go without in a SHTF sit x… you’ll be styling in comfort..

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