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Reposting For The Firearm Blog

The Firearm Blog is looking for historical data on ammunition pricing:

Readers of The Firearm Blog, we need your help to quantitatively track the historical price of ammunition. What we’re looking for is the historical yearly data over the past 20 to 30 years of the price of these popular handgun and rifle cartridges

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Jewish Preppers: Review: Tactical Tool Roll by CountyComm.com

The Jewish Preppers blog has an excellent review of the Tactical Tool Roll from CountyComm.

Prepper News Excerpt:

The Tactical Tool Roll was designed to carry your necessary tools to your jobsite and then be laid out with everything visible and easy to get at. It can even be hung up over a door knob using it’s carry handle.

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The Tactical Tool Roll is available only from CountyComm for $24.50 plus shipping

Amazon.com: TEOTWAWKI Fiction

An Amazon Listmania! List of eleven (11) TEOTWAWKI novels for your reading list.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

The list author says: “For those who enjoy a good end-of-the-world story for their light reading pleasure, here are some good ones.”

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TEOTWAWKI Blog Securing Your Home Doors

TEOTWAWKI Blog has a great article on ways to secure your (easily breached) home doors.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

On castles of old, the front gate was often the “soft spot”–the easiest place to breach. Modern homes aren’t built with siege defense in mind (sadly), but doors are still the most common point of entry for thieves and intruders–something like 85% of forcible entries occur through the front door.

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Browning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

Browning AR35f "Tactical" Gun SafeBrowning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

We are unsure what makes this safe “tactical” but it sure is awesome, even despite the cost. The Browning AR35F is a 20-40 gun safe with a lot of cool and useful features. First, it is mighty secure and if properly installed this unit will be difficult or impossible to break-in to or remove. But it’s the unique additions that make it worth considering. There are internal and external accessory racks for your gear and a DPX® storage system with loops for short barrel rifles (and issue we have now with our current safes). Picatinny rails make it easy (and cool) to mount accessories inside the safe. There are pistol racks and plenty of diverse storage for rifles along with a mirrored-back and inside lights for easy access. This is possibly the coolest safe we have ever seen and it’s mighty practical too. If only the cost…

Available from GunSafes.com for $3,099.95 with FREE shipping

Rapid Rod

Rapid RodRapid Rod

With the proliferation and usability of “soft” cable cleaning systems (such as Otis’) and the Boresnakes, many people find themselves in the field without a rigid utensil for clearing barrel obstructions. That’s where the Rapid Rod comes into play. The Rapid Rod is shock-corded (like tent poles) so you can never lose any parts and the whole unit fits in a shirt pocket or extra compartment. In a snap the rod opens to 26″ for removing dirt, snow or other obstructions. The end is threaded for 8-32 cleaning accessories too. This is the kind of device you never need until it’s desperate…so grab a few now and pack them anywhere you may be using your firearms.

Available from Natchez for $14.00 plus shipping

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