Great Bread Recipe For Stored Wheat

Countryside Magazine has a great recipe online for making Real “Whole” Whole Wheat Bread. This is an excellent recipe for anyone using stored wheat such as Hard Red Wheat.

I had made all our bread products for some years but making real whole wheat bread come out nice was a challenge for me. I had gotten pretty reliably good with white bread flour but wanted to transition to whole wheat for health and conscience reasons. Most of the recipes I’ve found say “Whole Wheat Bread” in the title but in fact are usually at least half white flour (and extra gluten) to get a good rise. I wanted easy, plain, cheap, dependable and tasty. The recipe/method I’ve been using for a couple of years now combines tricks from several sources and meets all my requirements. The dough works equally well, to our tastes, for bread, rolls or buns, and pizza.

Get the recipe and tips here.

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