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Prisoners after SHTF

Realistic discussion of what will happen to the millions of prisoners if SHTF. WTSHTF News Excerpt: I was just sitting here pondering on what would happen to prisoners when the SHTF. It’s kind of scary to think that they might all finally escape, or be set free due to lack of infrastructure to support the [...]

Heatsheets Survival Blanket

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We’d Prefer A 23, But Still Fun

Glock 17 "Simulator" by ~Fewes on deviantART

The Best AR-15 WTSHTF

If we bought a M4 / AR-15 it’d be a Daniel Defense M4. Watch this and you’ll agree!


If you’ve never seen FUBARPROTOCOL’s YouTube channel, take a minute now. He offers a lot of useful information and practical knowledge.

SHTF colony

Our single guiding principle is to never, under any circumstance, become a refugee. So what are your family’s and your plans for WTSHTF? WTSHTF News Excerpt: So we all talk about what we are going to do ourselves but is there any reason we can’t set up a plan as to where we can all [...]

Prepping It’s Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

We prep to save money, among other reasons. It’s simply the practical thing to do! TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt: In this day and age of being able to go to a store and get practically anything you would ever need or want, the concept of preparing for a disaster escapes some individuals. The time of “Victory [...]

How To Shoot A Rifle

This article from Art Of Manlliness is truly a great introduction on how to shoot a rifle. Getting Started Excerpt: From some men, learning how to properly and safely fire a rifle is a skill they picked up when they were just knee high to a grasshopper. These guys probably got a .22 for their [...]

A Sniper’s Tale In Afghanistan

This a great read and a true story of the excellent work done by military snipers today. Sniper News Excerpt: At about 3 a.m. on Aug. 17, four men scrambled from the open door of an armored vehicle, ran to some bushes along the side of an unfinished road, and laid down in the dirt [...]

MillDot Ballistic Software For iOS

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