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Razor Barbed Wire Staple Gloves

Razor Barbed Wire Staple GlovesUSGI Staple Gloves

You need these gloves if you plan to work with razor, concertina or barbed wire. Period. Nothing else provides the protection needed when working with these materials. Alleghenny Outlet has the best price we’ve seen for genuine USGI military issue (NSN 8415-01-926-1674) staple gloves. The gloves are one-size fits all and are made from cattle hide leather with a hard textured duck-lined cuff. You can also wear these for intense gardening activities such as removing sticker / pricker bushes. These gloves are indestructible.

Available from Allegheny Outlet on eBay for $24.99 with FREE shipping

Browning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

Browning AR35f "Tactical" Gun SafeBrowning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

We are unsure what makes this safe “tactical” but it sure is awesome, even despite the cost. The Browning AR35F is a 20-40 gun safe with a lot of cool and useful features. First, it is mighty secure and if properly installed this unit will be difficult or impossible to break-in to or remove. But it’s the unique additions that make it worth considering. There are internal and external accessory racks for your gear and a DPX® storage system with loops for short barrel rifles (and issue we have now with our current safes). Picatinny rails make it easy (and cool) to mount accessories inside the safe. There are pistol racks and plenty of diverse storage for rifles along with a mirrored-back and inside lights for easy access. This is possibly the coolest safe we have ever seen and it’s mighty practical too. If only the cost…

Available from for $3,099.95 with FREE shipping

Rapid Rod

Rapid RodRapid Rod

With the proliferation and usability of “soft” cable cleaning systems (such as Otis’) and the Boresnakes, many people find themselves in the field without a rigid utensil for clearing barrel obstructions. That’s where the Rapid Rod comes into play. The Rapid Rod is shock-corded (like tent poles) so you can never lose any parts and the whole unit fits in a shirt pocket or extra compartment. In a snap the rod opens to 26″ for removing dirt, snow or other obstructions. The end is threaded for 8-32 cleaning accessories too. This is the kind of device you never need until it’s desperate…so grab a few now and pack them anywhere you may be using your firearms.

Available from Natchez for $14.00 plus shipping

Big Berkey Black Replacement Water Filters

Big Berkey Black Replacement Water FiltersBig Berkey Black Replacement Water Filters

This is the best deal we have ever found on Big Berkey “Black” Water Filters at about $51 each. Please send us a link if you can find these cheaper anywhere else. These filters are for a Big Berkey or a DIY Berkey too. Together these four (4) filters provide a total treatment capacity of 12,000 gallons. Berkey filters provide almost 100% reduction of pathogens including Giardia, E. Coli and many other pathogens, heavy metals and harmful compounds – read more here. We highly recommend Berkey filters as the cornerstone of your water purification system.

Available from Amazon for $203 for four (4) filters with FREE shipping

Poison Ivy / Oak Soap

Poison Ivy / Oak SoapPoison Ivy / Oak Soap

There are plenty of folk-remedies for poison ivy / oak but this is a tried-and-true method for very quick relief. We keep a few bars around the house and in our vehicle kits. This special soap removes the Urushiol, which is the invisible oil from these plants that causes rash and itching. The active ingredient is Jewelweed which is able to release and remove the oil from your skin. You can use immediately after exposure for the best results but the soap can be used as an effective treatment anytime, even if rash occurs. This is an example of a product for which there are few other solutions that work so well.

Available for $2.99 plus shipping from Amazon
And here is another brand too.

Defender 308 Body Armor

Defender 308 Body ArmorDefender 308 Body Armor

This is a very affordable soft body armor solution and it is Made In USA. The Defender series from US Palm offers a variety of models but we prefer the Defender 308 which provides pouches for three (3) .308 magazines and three (3) pistol magazines. The Defender provides level IIIA protection in an easy-to-use package. While the base unit only provides front panels, you can purchase a soft rear panel and the Defender also works as a plate carrier too. For the price there is almost nothing like the Defender series which offers a practical entry-level package for everyone. There is no excuse to not have body armor with kit like this available!

Available only direct from US Palm for $199.99 plus shipping

Military Speedhook™

Military SpeedhookMilitary Speedhook

This is one of many great products from Survival Resources (and we will feature more ongoing). We carry the Military Speedhook in our B.O.B. as it provides a complete solution for fishing with a spring-loaded action that automatically sets the hook when it springs open. The kit is complete with dehydrated bait along with fishing line, one hook and instructions. We recommend buying a few and also including some extras hooks with each kit. This is the U. S. Military Version of the Speedhook™ and is currently included in the Cold Weather Survival Kits of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserves and others. Be aware that this device is so effective it is outlawed in some areas, so check your local regulations before using now.

Available only direct from Survival Resources for $10.95 plus shipping

Box-To-Mag Loader

Box-to-Mag Loader

We don’t like to post “coming soon” products but this looks to useful to skip. The Box-To-Mag Loader does what it’s name implies – it allows you to easily load ammo (for your M4/AR-15) directly from box to magazine…and very quickly and efficiently too! The product is listed as $24.95 with pre-order in September and availability in October. Pre-orders will receive $7 off, which is a good discount. We subscribed and will report back with news when available.

Available soon and only from 3Pointi

Solar Power For Laptops

This excellent video from zeleftikam shows a DIY solar power system to run a laptop.

Datrex Food Bars

Datrex Food BarsDatrex Food Bars

Datrex food bars are simply the best product in this category. They are actually quite tasty (and without the lemony flavor common with other bars), they keep for at least five (5) years (though we’ve eaten older ones) and they are well-packaged for a Bug-Out-Bag (now mainstreaming as an “Evac-Pack”). And Nitro-Pak is the best source for Datrex bars – they have the best prices anywhere with excellent service. Each individual bar provides 200 calories while an entire package contains eighteen (18) bars or 3600 calories total. Be alert if purchasing elsewhere as the actual quantity received can be confusing.

Available from Nitro-Ka for $66.90 plus shipping for a case of ten (10) packages

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