BALS MK2 Sniper Bean Bag & Pack

BALS MK2 Sniper Bean Bag & PackBALS MK2 Bean Bag & Pack

This product proves there are still plenty of inventions yet made. The MK-2 “BALS” or Ballistic Adjustment Leveling System combines a highly functional stock pack with a built-in rifle rest. The bean bag stores directly on your stock and is easily deployed, is adjusted in seconds and provides a solid, manipulable rest for precision shooting. We recently ditched our “basic” pack / cheek rest and upgraded to these units with excellent results.

Available only direct from SKDTAC for $67.95 plus shipping

Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter  Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

The Exotac nanoSTRIKER is very small, very durable ferrocerium firestarter. In fact it is likely the smallest and most durable firestarter available anywhere. The collapsible device measures only 3.3″ closed but is easily unscrewed and assembled into a highly capable rod with striker. The Exotac website has some excellent diagrams and videos about the nanoSTRIKER. The nanoSTRIKER is an excellent choice for EDC or a Bug-Out-Bag / Evac-Pack but we’ve also found them perfect for a small survival kit in the buttstock of our M1As.

Available from for $25.95 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Contico Storage Foot Locker

Contico Storage Foot LockerContico Storage Locker

OK, it’s plastic, made in China and from Wal-Mart, but we have been unable to find any better value for similar storage or foot lockers. These units are lockable, have wheels and a solid handle for transport. Each locker holds 23-gallons which is large enough for bulky items without the entire unit becoming impossible to move. While these lockers meet USPS, UPS and airline shipping regulations, we would be wary to ship for fear of breakage. But for storage at home this is an excellent solution. They would also make an excellent Bug-Out-Box for bulk and larger items, assuming vehicle travel.

Available for $34 from Wal-Mart with FREE shipping to your store

Rats After TSHTF / TEOTWAWKI | The Survival Tribe

The Survival Tribe deals with the harsh (and generally unpleasant) truth about rats.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

I don’t know about you but there isn’t any other creature I hate more in the world than rats!
They absolutely creep me out.
I mean it’s bad enough dealing with them now when the world is functioning normally but what about AFTER a TEOTWAWKI event???

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Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks Via Ready Brew CoffeeStarbucks Via Coffee

For all the coffee drinkers out there, consider adding Starbucks VIA Ready Brew to your pantry. Granted at $.60 each they are not cheap but they have a unique feature that makes them very useful…the “microground” coffee is so finely ground it will dissolve in cold water. This makes VIA perfect for camping and hunting or your B.O.B. / Evac-Pack. You can still make hot coffee too and the beans are ethically sourced and it’s still cheaper than a coffee just about anywhere.

Available from Amazon for $29.95 plus shipping

Sidewinder Compact Tactical Flashlight

Sidewinder Compact Tactical FlashlightSidewinder Compact

While more practical than tactical, the Streamlight Sidewinder Compact is definitely a useful flashlight for a specific set of parameters. The CR123A-powered light is perfect for mounting on a vest, pack, headstrap or MOLLE to have one of the found (4) LEDs available anytime, anywhere. You get a white LED, red LED, blue LED and IR LED each with four (4) levels of output intensity plus a strobe function. It takes a moment to get comfortable with the controls but it is easy to operate once you map it mentally.

Available for $45.67 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Practical Pickers

Meet The Practical Picker!
Getting free stuff is a great way to get prepared and learn skills too.


SHTF Firearm Suggestions!

This is the prepper equivalent of that kid’s game about your spouse, house, car, etc.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

I’m compiling a list on firearms to get for SHTF situations. I’m going for one pistol, one smg, one rifle, one shotgun and one sniper rifle.

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Ok, we’ll bite here:
• Pistol – Glock 23
• Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) – Skip This
• Rifle – LMT MWS
• Shotgun – Mossberg 590
• Sniper Rifle – Savage FCP-K

Yankee Prepper Pizza

“Eat well and cheaper” – we love that advice!

From YankeePrepper

My SHTF Experience-Wartime

You have to read this true, real life SHTF experience now. Are you prepared for this?

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

OK, i wanna share with you my own experience. (be patient with my English, i am from far away )
I am from Bosnia, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city of 50 000- 60 000 residents WITHOUT: electricity, fuel,running water,real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.The city was surrounded for 1 year and in that city actually it was SHTF situation.

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