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Assault Rifle And Hunting Rifle vs Battle Rifle

Discussion from Practical Preparedness about assault, hunting and battle rifles:

MBR News Excerpt:

I keep coming back to this argument in my head so I figured I should post it up for.those of you more like minded than the average gun board. I keep going from an ar15 and a r700 rifle in 308 as a pair to a m14 battle rifle. I’ve actually done this swap a couple times already and am back to the pair and am contemplating another trade. In my family, it is just my wife and I. She doesn’t shoot much but does occasionally. My uses for my rifle are self defense as well as medium game hunting, mostly whitetails. I like the ar15 mostly because of my 10th years of military training with it. I know what its capable of but find it lacking in the power class for my liking. I prefer 308 in my bolt guns also because I’m familiar with it from my military training. I also appreciate the precision of it but am realistic enough to know 1-2moa is good enough for my intended purposes.

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Our opinion is that .308 is the only rifle caliber for a battle rifle. And there are plenty of .308 rifle options that can be made suitable for a female or infrequent shooter – but training is the best solution. With proper training anyone can be a competent and comfortable .308 shooter.

How Many Guns Do You Need?

Vuurwapen Blog asks and answers the greatest philosophical question of all time…

For reference, his list includes:
1. Semi-Auto (Magazine Fed, Centerfire Caliber)
2. Bolt Action (Larger Caliber)
3. 12 Gauge Shotgun (w/ Multiple Barrels)
4. .22LR Rifle (16′-20″ Barrel)
5. Service-Size Handgun (Open Carry)
6. Compact Handgun (Concealed Carry)
7. .22LR Handgun (Training)

Our minimal list is even less:
1. Main Battle Rifle (.308)
2. Handgun(s) (.40 S&W)
3. .22LR Rifle or Handgun
4. 12 Gauge Shotgun

That said, we buy new guns all the time – though we try to focus on only the minimal calibers we mention above. Buying new guns can be a great investment, it opens your experience and it ensure you have backups since Two Is One, One Is None!

Remember, these lists are need not want : )

A nod to The Firearm Blog for first posting the above video.

Tag Back: What caliber for SHTF?

The endless debate continues – what caliber firearms for SHTF? Sturmgewehre’s answer:

In our humble opinion, the correct answers are: 7.62 x 51mm (.308), .40 S&W, .22lr and 12 gauge. Start there and only add new calibers once you are confident in your preparations with the basics.

H&K .308 G3 Aluminum 20 Round Mags for $.97

H&K .308 G3 Aluminum 20 Round Mags for $.97H&K .308 G3 Mags

Even if you don’t own (and never plan) a H&K G3, it’s worth adding a couple dozen of these magazines to your next order from CheaperThanDirt. At $.97 each these are a great investment and could prove valuable for barter and charity. While marked as “Used Good Cond Grade II” many purchasers, including myself, have received what appear to be brand new mags – granted mixed in with some clearly used units. For the price, you can afford to stock up and stow away these magazines until you buy a H&k G3!

Available for $.97 each from CheaperThanDirt

Semi Auto Battle Rifle for Deer ?

Hunting with a semi-auto is NOT legal in our state but this is good info and perspective.

MBR News Excerpt:

I have a .308 battle rifle, semi-auto. Mine happens to be a Springfield M1A, but my question would apply to dozens of similar .308 or 7.62 x 51mm semi-auto military type rifles that use detachable mags.

Since these things don’t “look like” a traditional hunting rifle, even though they are unquestionably effective for that purpose (let’s assume you use .308 soft-point ammo and limit your shots to 300 yards or less, where you can reliably keep a 10″ group centered over your bullseye)…

… will some people object to you bringing one to hunt deer?

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Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag Pouch

Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag PouchTriple/Triple 7.62/Glock

This is the perfect shingle for our rigs. ATS Tactical supplies a “triple triple” to fit three (3) magazines of 7.62 behind three (3) Glock (or other) mags. This is the perfect solution for proponents of battle rifles over carbines. Mounting two (2) of these allows the carriage of six (6) rifle and size (6) pistol magazines – a great load-out for serious situations. And while not Made In USA the ATS product line is backed by a lifetime warranty. We also like their 7.6 Modular Chest rig for smaller load-outs.

Available direct from ATS Tactical for $61.95 plus shipping

Grip Force Adapters

Grip Force AdaptersGrip Force Adapters

We recently discovered Pistol-Training.com and have since become daily readers. Based solely on their experiences and reviews, we are upgrading our GLock 23 RTFs with Grip Force Adapters. We love how they mention that the Grip Force Adapter does not necessarily “feel” any better, but there splits prove it works! Personally, I like a beavertail to get a higher and firmer grip without risking your knuckles to the slide.

Available for $26.95 direct from Grip Force Adapters

Burris 2-7×32 Handgun Scope

Burris 2-7x32 Handgun Scope2-7×32 “Scout” Scope

When mounted with the Leupold QRW 1″ Rings, this Burris 2-7×32 Handgun Scope w/ Plex Reticle is the PERFECT solution for your Socom 16 Scout. The handgun scope has plenty of eye relief with minimal parallax and is ruggedly built for the recoil of thousands of .308 rounds. The Plex Reticle delivers quick acquisition with two-eye-open aiming. And the magnification let’s us make regular hits at 600 yards. Plus the Burris Forever Warranty will last as long as anything else.

Available from SWFA for $349.95 plus shipping

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