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H&K .308 G3 Aluminum 20 Round Mags for $.97

H&K .308 G3 Aluminum 20 Round Mags for $.97H&K .308 G3 Mags

Even if you don’t own (and never plan) a H&K G3, it’s worth adding a couple dozen of these magazines to your next order from CheaperThanDirt. At $.97 each these are a great investment and could prove valuable for barter and charity. While marked as “Used Good Cond Grade II” many purchasers, including myself, have received what appear to be brand new mags – granted mixed in with some clearly used units. For the price, you can afford to stock up and stow away these magazines until you buy a H&k G3!

Available for $.97 each from CheaperThanDirt

Spring Body Trap

Spring Body TrapSpring Body Trap

In a TEOTWAWKI situation, small game will be an excellent source of protein. And trapping may often be more effective than hunting with firearms (you can set and leave traps while firearms attract attention). These spring body traps are a great value at about $3.50 each including shipping costs. Each trap is 4.5″ x 4.5″ and sized for mink, muskrat and weasels but will also be effective with beavers and squirrels too, likely the most common small animal. The trap will quickly dispatch an animal such that they are accepted by many state and federal wildlife agencies. “Squirrel” away a few now as this would also make an excellent charity and barter item.

Available from Amazon for $18.50 plus shipping for six (6) traps

Backpack Bed

Backpack BedBackpack Bed

The Backpack Bed is not quite “tactical” due to it’s size and weight but it does offer a practically bomb-proof shelter. The entire unit weighs around 10 lbs. and provides approximately 6’4″ of sleeping space (2 feet wide). There are too many features to name including “ventilation points aim[ed] to protect you from urine coming down from the sky [from animals]. The UltTrex Lite™ fabric is 7x more waterproof than canvas (which is not super waterproof). Maybe just buy one as a tax-deductible charity donation for the homeless in Australia.

Buy one (1) for you for $199 plus shipping
AND / OR buy one (1) for the homeless for only $63

Watch a strength test as three (3) men try to tear the Backpack Bed:

Precious Metals Acid Test Kit

Precious Metals Test KitPrecious Metals Test Kit

This is likely the best value you will find in a precious metals acid test kit. The kit includes everything you need to test gold (10k, 14k, 18k & 22k), silver and platinum. Also provide is a glass stone, though we recommend picking up a few extras (as they are less than $1 each). There is also a decent scale (weighs up to 600g x 0.1g. g, oz, ozt, dwt), a loupe (to read markings) and a set of files too. Everything is packaged in a plastic container to keep your kit together.

Available from Amazon for $23.99 plus shipping

And here is an excellent video that walks through using an acid test kit:

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