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SHTF colony

Our single guiding principle is to never, under any circumstance, become a refugee.
So what are your family’s and your plans for WTSHTF?

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

So we all talk about what we are going to do ourselves but is there any reason we can’t set up a plan as to where we can all bug out to and start our SHTF colony? where would be the best area? Maybe multiple areas with comms between different outposts? Thoughts

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Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter  Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

The Exotac nanoSTRIKER is very small, very durable ferrocerium firestarter. In fact it is likely the smallest and most durable firestarter available anywhere. The collapsible device measures only 3.3″ closed but is easily unscrewed and assembled into a highly capable rod with striker. The Exotac website has some excellent diagrams and videos about the nanoSTRIKER. The nanoSTRIKER is an excellent choice for EDC or a Bug-Out-Bag / Evac-Pack but we’ve also found them perfect for a small survival kit in the buttstock of our M1As.

Available from for $25.95 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks Via Ready Brew CoffeeStarbucks Via Coffee

For all the coffee drinkers out there, consider adding Starbucks VIA Ready Brew to your pantry. Granted at $.60 each they are not cheap but they have a unique feature that makes them very useful…the “microground” coffee is so finely ground it will dissolve in cold water. This makes VIA perfect for camping and hunting or your B.O.B. / Evac-Pack. You can still make hot coffee too and the beans are ethically sourced and it’s still cheaper than a coffee just about anywhere.

Available from Amazon for $29.95 plus shipping

TEOTWAWKI Torch (Flashlight) Kit

The Brits call them torches but this is a great post on this member’s flashlight choices.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

My EDC torch is a Surefire 6P clone: The body is bored for 18mm cells so I use 18650 Li-Ion cells in it. The LED module is Malkoff M61, 260 lumens for 2 hours. It’s compact and is actually shorter than the Mini Maglite.

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Rapid Rod

Rapid RodRapid Rod

With the proliferation and usability of “soft” cable cleaning systems (such as Otis’) and the Boresnakes, many people find themselves in the field without a rigid utensil for clearing barrel obstructions. That’s where the Rapid Rod comes into play. The Rapid Rod is shock-corded (like tent poles) so you can never lose any parts and the whole unit fits in a shirt pocket or extra compartment. In a snap the rod opens to 26″ for removing dirt, snow or other obstructions. The end is threaded for 8-32 cleaning accessories too. This is the kind of device you never need until it’s desperate…so grab a few now and pack them anywhere you may be using your firearms.

Available from Natchez for $14.00 plus shipping

Military Speedhook™

Military SpeedhookMilitary Speedhook

This is one of many great products from Survival Resources (and we will feature more ongoing). We carry the Military Speedhook in our B.O.B. as it provides a complete solution for fishing with a spring-loaded action that automatically sets the hook when it springs open. The kit is complete with dehydrated bait along with fishing line, one hook and instructions. We recommend buying a few and also including some extras hooks with each kit. This is the U. S. Military Version of the Speedhook™ and is currently included in the Cold Weather Survival Kits of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserves and others. Be aware that this device is so effective it is outlawed in some areas, so check your local regulations before using now.

Available only direct from Survival Resources for $10.95 plus shipping

Datrex Food Bars

Datrex Food BarsDatrex Food Bars

Datrex food bars are simply the best product in this category. They are actually quite tasty (and without the lemony flavor common with other bars), they keep for at least five (5) years (though we’ve eaten older ones) and they are well-packaged for a Bug-Out-Bag (now mainstreaming as an “Evac-Pack”). And Nitro-Pak is the best source for Datrex bars – they have the best prices anywhere with excellent service. Each individual bar provides 200 calories while an entire package contains eighteen (18) bars or 3600 calories total. Be alert if purchasing elsewhere as the actual quantity received can be confusing.

Available from Nitro-Ka for $66.90 plus shipping for a case of ten (10) packages

Haley Strategic Shows “What’s In Your Bag?”

Visit Haley Strategic for some excellent training drills, videos and targets!

Cool Caffeine Mints

Cool Caffeine MintsCool Caffeine Mints

Not much info beyond the website: “Each package of Cool Caffeine mints contains 10 mints. net weight .35oz. per pack. Unit of sale, 24 packages. USPS Priority shipping included. Only orders for shipment within the U.S. are accepted.” But we just ordered these and will report back asap. The Cool Caffeine mints seem like a great addition to your B.O.B. and also for your vehicles (especially for those of us who do not drink coffee).

Available direct from Cool Caffeine for $19.95 with FREE shipping

TTAG Breaks Down The Bug-Out Bag

Click over to TTAG for a good breakdown of what to include in a Bug-Out-Bag. And check out our extensive collection of gear recommendations for your B.O.B. here. This website is dedicated to getting you started on the road to being prepared for any situation!

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