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Bulletproof Clothing w/ Video!

The Miguel Caballero company designs and produces PERSONAL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS for the safety of it’s customers – this means they make bulletproof clothing!

Check out the video below:

There is a US-based distributor called Eagle Protective Wear that stocks Miguel’s products (though the Eagle Pro website is almost unusably-slow). Some items are comparable in cost to normal vests and armor, though the proper Level IIIA stuff is quite expensive.

Glam Gun Girl

Glam Gun GirlGlam Gun Girl

Glam Gun Girl brings some fun to firearms with their line of original T-shirt designs featuring “glam gun girls” of the past and present. Our favorite is the “Sniper Girl Destroyed” shirt featured here, especially the back (pictured below). All of their shirts are made by American Apparel, which controversies aside are nice shirts. Some of the T’s have “grinding” at the collar, which might be fashionable but seems to just pre-ruin your shirt…whatever, fashion. Also check out their iPhone case.

Available direct from Glam Gun Girl

Sniper Girl Destroyed Back

Snugpak Sniper Veil

Snugpak Sniper VeilSnugpak Sniper Veil

Snugpak makes quality sleeping bags and clothing in the UK and this sniper veil is no exception…we can attest to the quality and value of this product. Measuring 48″ x 40″, the sniper veil provides considerable coverage and camouflage in a lightweight package. The knit fabric is very strong and resistant to “pulls” or other damage. This is a great addition to any sniper’s loadout.

Available for $12 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime



Our recent posts on the TripleAughtDesign Ranger Hoodie and the Houdini Transition Hooded Fleece prompted reader Dtowner to send us the EB Fleece Ranger Hoodie V3. While clearly not the same quality as the TAD or Houdini designs (and only available in tan), it is half the cost of the latter and a quarter of the former. So if you are looking for an inexpensive fleece “ranger” hoodie, then consider the EB fleece – and please send us a hands-on review.

Available from EB Airsoft for $61.50 plus shipping

NBC Special Forces Protective Suit

NBC Special Forces Protective SuitNBC Protective Suit

Reader BakerBros. sent us this recommendation for a NBC suit. A quick online search shows this is a good value with quantity discounts down to $32.50 each. These two (2) piece suits include pants and smock. So you will need to add gloves, booties and a mask. The suits have cuff closures and pull-string adjustments for a tight fit. Each suit is vacuum packed for storage. It’s better to have a NBC suit and not need one then need one and not have a NBC suit.

Available from QuakeKare for $39.95 (and less) plus shipping

RTB 12 Gauge vs Glasses

RomeoTangoBravo.net spent some time on a quality test and review of 5.11′s Tactical Series Deflect Eyewear, which ended up receiving a few rounds of 12 GA #8 shot. Their summary “After seeing the effectiveness of the 5.11 Tactical Deflect Eyewear I have no reservations wearing or recommending them to you.” Read the full article here.

Woolrich Elite Series Tactical Clothing

Woolrich Freedom ThrowWoolrich Freedom Throw

We wanted to review Woolrich Elite Series Tactical Clothing after it was recommended by a reader but we are still waiting for confirmation on which products are Made In USA. But we did find this one product on their site that proudly is made at America’s oldest woolen mill, Woolrich in Woolrich, PA. So…this is just a throw blanket but it does support the Wounded Warrior Project while featuring a Stars and Stripes design.

Made in USA and available from Woolrich for $99.99 plus shipping

Houdini Transition Hooded Fleece

Houdini Transition Hooded FleeceHoudini Fleece Hoodie

After we recently posted this Ranger Hoodie from Triple Aught Design, one of our readers Brad B. sent us this cost-effective alternatively. The Houdini Transition Hooded Fleece has many of the design features we admire in the TAD design but at less than half the cost. The Sweden-based sportswear company Houdini has some very unique products and a sustainable philosophy. This garment is made from Houdini’s recycled Eco Circle Transition Stretch fabric and features copious pockets, taped seems and drawstring hem with a tailored collar featuring a headphone (comms?) port. You could buy two of these for one Ranger Hoodie – we will have to test both to report the corresponding value.

Available direct from BackCountry.com for $114.98 plus shipping

TripleAughtDesign Ranger Hoodie

TripleAughtDesign Ranger HoodieTripleAughtDesign Ranger Hoodie

As fall and winter approach, we just added the Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie to our wish list. This garment has all the features we love in a tactical and comfortable design (including the option for no logo – everyone should offer this option if they are going to try to brand you). We like the water repellant fabric, the many pockets with proper, solid zippers, the functional hood and neck cover as well as the thumb hole cuffs, which are excellent in cold weather. It’s a bit pricey but the TAD gear is very well Made In USA!

Available direct from Triple Aught Design for $215 and up plus shipping

I/O Bio Merino Signature Scarf

I/O Bio Merino Signature ScarfI/O Bio Merino Scarf

Although sadly made in China (and with neutral colors hard to find), still the I/O Bio Merino Signature Scarf is an amazing piece of kit. The scarf is made of 96% Merino Wool / 4% Elastane which is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial…so it does not smell after extended wear. I/O Bio’s advanced yarn technology has created the absolute softest merino wool available. It is downright decadent while providing real functionality and warmth. Machine washable, line dry, no bleach.

Available from Sierra Trading Post for $22.50 plus shipping

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