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Solar Power For Laptops

This excellent video from zeleftikam shows a DIY solar power system to run a laptop.

Compact Radio w/ SW for B.O.B.


This is the radio we stock in our Bug-Out-Bags. It is very compact, runs on two (2) AA batteries and provides excellent reception of AM/FM and SW frequencies. The unit is only 3.4″ X 2.55″ X .83″ and weighs just 85 Grams (not including batteries), so it is easy to pack in a small kit. We vacuum seal ours with extra Eneloop rechargeable batteries. It is worth noting that CountyComm is a great resource for unique items at fair prices.

Available from CountyComm for $28 plus shipping

Wilson Electronics “Sleek” Signal Booster Cradle

Wilson Sleek Signal Booster“Sleek” Signal Booster Cradle

We use the Sleek for both mobile phones and mobile hotspots to provide Internet access in remote locations. It works great to increase a low signal or even sometimes provide some signal where previously there was none. What’s in the Box: amplifier/charger cradle, mini magnet-mount antenna for outside vehicle, in-car power adapter, dash mount, installation guide. Keep one mounted in your truck and one available at home!

Available from Amazon for $79.99 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime


Live Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail Scanners on RadioReference.com


Smallest, Most Optimal Shortwave Radio

GP-4L Shortwave Radio

The GP-4L is the most optimal radio you will ever find. It is the world’s smallest digital shortwave radio. The radio is 3.4″ X 2.55″ X .83″ inches and runs on two AA batteries. ALED emergency light is built-in. The following frequency ranges are covered FM 76-109 MHz, MW 520-1740Khz & SW 5.20-18.30 MHz. Also includes both a speaker and headphone jack as well as a clock in 12hr format with wake-up to radio alarm. In searching for a compact radio that includes shortwave, there is no better product available.

Available exclusively from CountyComm for $28 plus shipping

TEOTWAWKI Blog: Satellite phones for Survival?

We would equip with satellite phones (backup / alternate comms) if the price was right.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

Sure, it wouldn't do me a ton of good in a sudden nation or worldwide TEOTWAWKI scenario, but for local/regional disasters or troubles while traveling off the grid/abroad? Super useful. And hey, they're Jack Bauer-approved,

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