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Only Criminals Would Have Guns

Our thoughts go out to Jackie and Ronald Bracey, both for the situation caused by criminals and the hours they worried about their dog Buddy. We’d feel the same way if any of our dogs were lost but happily Buddy has returned home! This story is an example of why you need to have the skills, tools and mindset to protect yourself, your family, your property and your dog.

Buddy, the dog, took off during a violent home invasion.

Four men are accused of holding Jackie Bracey at gunpoint. But Ronald Bracey didn’t hesitate to protect his wife.

He grabbed his gun, firing eight rounds at the intruders – hitting one in the shoulder – and chased them off. Three of the men were caught and arrested.

Read the full story here.

And yes, he did the absolute right thing!

TTAG: How to Deal with a Stop and Frisk

Christopher P. Fusaro has a great article on TTAG about how to deal with a stop and frisk:

As a cop working in a state where “bundling up” means wearing a thin sweater twice a year, detecting a concealed carry weapon is about as difficult as finding a Glock fan at an AR convention. Needless to say, I’ve been trained to stop and frisk actual and potential perps quickly, efficiently, legally and politely. I also know that there are plenty of legal concealed carry license holders who’ve never been the subject of a “Terry stop.” It can be a terrifying prospect. If you’re confronted by a police officer who’s going to frisk you, here are some basic tips to make the encounter a safe one, for both you and the officer . . .

If You Carry, Always Carry!

This video shows a Florida homeowner who defends himself from a “man wearing a Ninja” mask. Thankfully he was armed and able dissuade the attacker, who does not appear to have been caught. This brings up Masaad Ayoob’s first rule of concealed carry – If You Carry, Always Carry. Even a casual walk on your own property can lead to a critical situation and you likely won’t be able to run back home to retrieve your firearm. So figure out what handgun and holster work for you (or likely multiple different combinations for different scenarios) and make sure you train and always carry!

Thanks for WeerdWorld.com for first sharing this video. And you can read The 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry from Massad Ayoob here.

And watch out for those freaking Ninjas!

Open Carry In Cali?

In California, you can open carry if the firearm (handgun) is unloaded – which seems pretty useless but at least it represents some limited rights for those stuck in Cali. But citizens who actually “flaunt” their rights can also end up with an unlawful arrest. Such was the case of Sam Wolanyk, an advocate for open carry. While carrying an unloaded firearm is practically useless in our opinion, at least it represents a limited sense of respecting the rights of California’s citizens.

We recommend the well balanced coverage in The Blaze for more information on Sam’s advocacy. They discuss the implications of California being a “shall issue” state for carry permits:

California is one of a few states that are “may issue” for concealed carry permits. What that means is, the county sheriff in California can decide whether or not a citizen gets a gun, and that’s it. In California, only .1% of the population has a Concealed Weapons Permit- 29 times below that of “Shall-Issue” states (in New York City, another may-issue state, the application for a premise permit for a handgun costs $340, must be typed on a typewriter, and DMV moving violations can disqualify you).

We also found this coverage on HotAir.com which dives into the details of California’s laws regarding use of lethal force, which do not allow a citizen OR THE POLICE to use lethal force to protect property:

People are not permitted to use lethal force to protect property in California, or Minnesota either, with or without carry permits. (Neither can the police, by the way.) They can only use lethal force of any kind when faced with an immediate threat in which a reasonable person fears for their own life or of “great bodily harm,” which roughly means losing a limb or an eye, not just getting beaten up. All the carry permit allows is the ability to have the lethal force at hand if that situation arises; it doesn’t exempt the permit holder from laws defining lethal force in self-defense. In most cases, and certainly in Minnesota, those laws require a victim to retreat first if possible rather than using the lethal force, sometimes even in their own homes.

We are glad to live in a state that supports the Castle Doctrine and advise those in states unable to defend themselves and their families to vote with their feet!

Chuck Hawks On Ammo For Self Defense

Chuck with cinnamon Texas Dall sheep trophy. Photo by Bob Fleck, Copyright 2007.

Chuck Hawks (Photo by Bob Fleck, Copyright 2007)

Ever wonder which ammunition choices are the absolute best for self defense? Stop wondering and read this article now. The venerable Chuck Hawks breaks down the best choices in every caliber including specific recommendations on manufacturers. Our daily carry is a Glock 27 with .40 S&W 155gr JHP based on Chuck’s recommendations and extensive range time and training. The article covers handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition though we find the handgun breakdown the most valuable.

Read the full article here

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