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Live Free Or Die

We’ve no fans of New Hampshire (we’re Vermonters) but always loved their motto:

Live Free Or Die

Check out Dan Tague’s messages in money here.

Precious Metals Acid Test Kit

Precious Metals Test KitPrecious Metals Test Kit

This is likely the best value you will find in a precious metals acid test kit. The kit includes everything you need to test gold (10k, 14k, 18k & 22k), silver and platinum. Also provide is a glass stone, though we recommend picking up a few extras (as they are less than $1 each). There is also a decent scale (weighs up to 600g x 0.1g. g, oz, ozt, dwt), a loupe (to read markings) and a set of files too. Everything is packaged in a plastic container to keep your kit together.

Available from Amazon for $23.99 plus shipping

And here is an excellent video that walks through using an acid test kit:

Peter Theil Funds Libertarian Islands

We’d likely move to such an island but not off the coast of SF – that place is a bad on bad.

Yahoo News Excerpt:

Pay Pal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel has given $1.25 million to an initiative to create floating libertarian countries in international waters…

Seasteading Institute

From The Seasteading Institute

Here is an excerpt from the original Details article:

It goes like this: Friedman wants to establish new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in international waters—free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country. They’d be small city-states at first, although the aim is to have tens of millions of seasteading residents by 2050. Architectural plans for a prototype involve a movable, diesel-powered, 12,000-ton structure with room for 270 residents, with the idea that dozens—perhaps even hundreds—of these could be linked together. Friedman hopes to launch a flotilla of offices off the San Francisco coast next year; full-time settlement, he predicts, will follow in about seven years; and full diplomatic recognition by the United Nations, well, that’ll take some lawyers and time.

Read The Full Article In Details

More about the Seasteading Institute here.

Jim Sinclair On Fiat Currency & Gold

Jim Sinclair discussed “being your own central bank” and owning physical gold.

Jim says “To sum up the situation, you haven’t seen anything yet.”
DIscussion here.

Is Gold about to Bust?

We just found this article from TIME.com on May 19, 2010. Today gold is edging $1,800.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

That means gold is due to drop in price anywhere from 33% to 50% from a recent $1200 an ounce. Now that is something for the gold scardey cats should be scared about.

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