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Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter  Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter

The Exotac nanoSTRIKER is very small, very durable ferrocerium firestarter. In fact it is likely the smallest and most durable firestarter available anywhere. The collapsible device measures only 3.3″ closed but is easily unscrewed and assembled into a highly capable rod with striker. The Exotac website has some excellent diagrams and videos about the nanoSTRIKER. The nanoSTRIKER is an excellent choice for EDC or a Bug-Out-Bag / Evac-Pack but we’ve also found them perfect for a small survival kit in the buttstock of our M1As.

Available from for $25.95 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Practical Pickers

Meet The Practical Picker!
Getting free stuff is a great way to get prepared and learn skills too.


PRI-D Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

PRI-D Diesel Fuel StabilizerPRI-D Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

PRI-D is a super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels and kerosene making them stable for multi-year storage. The “Sta-Bil” product is excellent for short-to-medium term storage of fuels for up to a year or maybe two. But PRI-D allows you to store fuel, especially diesel and kerosene, for up to five (5) years or more. Further, you can use PRI-D to “restore” tainted and aged fuels that were improperly stored. We recommend treating all long term stored fuels with PRI-D (or PRI-G specifically for gasoline).

Available at your local store or via Amazon for $25.49 plus shipping

The Soda Can Stove

The Soda Can StoveThe Soda Can Stove

Many of the best preps are free, like this Soda Can stove. This design is meant to be used with denatured alcohol but likely could be adapted for other fuel sources. And did we mention it is FREE! A review from the creator: “I’ve carried these stoves during my thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail, Florida Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail. I’ve never had one fail on me, they’re dirt cheap, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something lighter.”

This is a FREE DIY project with instructions here

“Split Pea” Lighter from CountyComm

"Split Pea" Lighter from CountyComm“Split Pea” Lighter

This is likely the world’s smallest production lighter and we are apt to believe that statement. We carry the Split Peanut on our keychains for EDC and they work very well. The construction is excellent and they are bomb-proof units. The lighter uses standard fuel (and gasoline in a pinch) and has a good seal so fuel does not evaporate, allowing you to carry as needed without running dry. The Split Pea is excellent for a B.O.B. and other packs as a backup / additional fire source.

Available only direct from CountyComm for $11.50 plus shipping

This video has more details and a comparison vs. the larger Peanut from CountyComm.



This is a great unit for EDC and may possibly be the smallest ferrocerium fire starter on the market today. You can easily attach it to your key chain, throw it into your pocket or tie it to your pack but never again leave home without one. There are many ferrocerium fire-starting tools on the market. Some of these are high quality, some are small and some are self-contained. They set out to create a tool that incorporated all of these features and then some…and succeeded.

Available direct from Exotac for $26.95 plus shipping

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-5009 Rotary Barrel Pump with Telescoping Pipe

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-5009 Rotary Barrel Pump with Telescoping PipeRotary Barrel Pump

If you store fuel like we do, then this rotary barrel pump is a must have. The ATD model has a cast iron pump housing and fits 5 to 55 gallon drums. The pump is recommended for diesel and gasoline. Do not use with acids or alkaline solutions, trichlene, perchlene, thinner, etc.. Having a hand-powered pump is an essential backup (or primary) option for fuel handling.

Available for $37.05 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

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