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Rapid Rod

Rapid RodRapid Rod

With the proliferation and usability of “soft” cable cleaning systems (such as Otis’) and the Boresnakes, many people find themselves in the field without a rigid utensil for clearing barrel obstructions. That’s where the Rapid Rod comes into play. The Rapid Rod is shock-corded (like tent poles) so you can never lose any parts and the whole unit fits in a shirt pocket or extra compartment. In a snap the rod opens to 26″ for removing dirt, snow or other obstructions. The end is threaded for 8-32 cleaning accessories too. This is the kind of device you never need until it’s desperate…so grab a few now and pack them anywhere you may be using your firearms.

Available from Natchez for $14.00 plus shipping

Defender 308 Body Armor

Defender 308 Body ArmorDefender 308 Body Armor

This is a very affordable soft body armor solution and it is Made In USA. The Defender series from US Palm offers a variety of models but we prefer the Defender 308 which provides pouches for three (3) .308 magazines and three (3) pistol magazines. The Defender provides level IIIA protection in an easy-to-use package. While the base unit only provides front panels, you can purchase a soft rear panel and the Defender also works as a plate carrier too. For the price there is almost nothing like the Defender series which offers a practical entry-level package for everyone. There is no excuse to not have body armor with kit like this available!

Available only direct from US Palm for $199.99 plus shipping

Kentucky Preppers Network Forum .308 Main Battle Rifle

Discussion of choices on KPN for .308 MBR (Main Battle Rifle) worth reading.
We are .308-only!

MBR News Excerpt:

I just recently purchased a PTR-91 (HK-91clone) and was wondering if anyone else had one or something similar, also was wondering what anyone else had and why they chose theirs.

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Legit discussion from Survivalist Boards on Use Of Force if SHTF.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

Suppose something REALLY BAD happens. (Think Katrina, before relief arrived.) You are in your neighborhood, bugging in, or getting ready to bug out, and you have throngs of looters/ne’er do wells/skels & scumbags eyeing your house or loved ones or car. How would you respond in such a situation, use-of-force wise? Can you turn your back on your fellow man who didn’t prepare as well as you? Would you have any qualms about the morality of killing somebody to protect your stash?

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Box-To-Mag Loader

Box-to-Mag Loader

We don’t like to post “coming soon” products but this looks to useful to skip. The Box-To-Mag Loader does what it’s name implies – it allows you to easily load ammo (for your M4/AR-15) directly from box to magazine…and very quickly and efficiently too! The product is listed as $24.95 with pre-order in September and availability in October. Pre-orders will receive $7 off, which is a good discount. We subscribed and will report back with news when available.

Available soon and only from 3Pointi

Only Criminals Would Have Guns

Our thoughts go out to Jackie and Ronald Bracey, both for the situation caused by criminals and the hours they worried about their dog Buddy. We’d feel the same way if any of our dogs were lost but happily Buddy has returned home! This story is an example of why you need to have the skills, tools and mindset to protect yourself, your family, your property and your dog.

Buddy, the dog, took off during a violent home invasion.

Four men are accused of holding Jackie Bracey at gunpoint. But Ronald Bracey didn’t hesitate to protect his wife.

He grabbed his gun, firing eight rounds at the intruders – hitting one in the shoulder – and chased them off. Three of the men were caught and arrested.

Read the full story here.

And yes, he did the absolute right thing!

Assault Rifle And Hunting Rifle vs Battle Rifle

Discussion from Practical Preparedness about assault, hunting and battle rifles:

MBR News Excerpt:

I keep coming back to this argument in my head so I figured I should post it up for.those of you more like minded than the average gun board. I keep going from an ar15 and a r700 rifle in 308 as a pair to a m14 battle rifle. I’ve actually done this swap a couple times already and am back to the pair and am contemplating another trade. In my family, it is just my wife and I. She doesn’t shoot much but does occasionally. My uses for my rifle are self defense as well as medium game hunting, mostly whitetails. I like the ar15 mostly because of my 10th years of military training with it. I know what its capable of but find it lacking in the power class for my liking. I prefer 308 in my bolt guns also because I’m familiar with it from my military training. I also appreciate the precision of it but am realistic enough to know 1-2moa is good enough for my intended purposes.

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Our opinion is that .308 is the only rifle caliber for a battle rifle. And there are plenty of .308 rifle options that can be made suitable for a female or infrequent shooter – but training is the best solution. With proper training anyone can be a competent and comfortable .308 shooter.

Haley Strategic: Free Training Videos And Downloads

Haley Strategic: Free Training Videos And DownloadsHaley Strategic

Training is the best way to ensure your success in any situation, especially a self-defense or SHTF scenario. And nothing beats high-quality, low-cost training…except FREE training! Haley Strategic offers some excellent (and did we mention FREE) training videos with corresponding target downloads (FREE!) that will provide some challenging new drills for your training. We especially like the “Lucky Charms” drill since it really pushes your memory and mental capabilities. Travis Haley is “a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years of dedicated real world experience” and the founder and CEO of Magpul Dymanics.

Visti Haley Strategic for their free videos and downloads

A Gun In Every Room

GunSafeHaven walks you thru practical places to mount a pistol in every room!

What kind of psycho keeps a gun in every room?

Not me, unfortunately; I’d have to be a psycho with a much higher paying job to pull that off. Until I reach such a pinnacle in home defense, I’m just your everyday, run-of-the-mill freak, forced to wear a pistol when I walk from room-to-room. Believe me, if I had the money to safely scatter two dozen pieces around the house, I would. I realize it’s totally overkill and far from necessary, but so is putting potpourri plug-ins in every room, and with all the headaches and nausea they cause, they’re arguably just as dangerous…

Read the full article here.

He recommends the V-Line Desk Mate safe, which we will cover in a future post.

Sniper | Flickr

The US Army has a wicked Flickr stream…

US Army Flickr Stream

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