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Rats After TSHTF / TEOTWAWKI | The Survival Tribe

The Survival Tribe deals with the harsh (and generally unpleasant) truth about rats.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

I don’t know about you but there isn’t any other creature I hate more in the world than rats!
They absolutely creep me out.
I mean it’s bad enough dealing with them now when the world is functioning normally but what about AFTER a TEOTWAWKI event???

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Poison Ivy / Oak Soap

Poison Ivy / Oak SoapPoison Ivy / Oak Soap

There are plenty of folk-remedies for poison ivy / oak but this is a tried-and-true method for very quick relief. We keep a few bars around the house and in our vehicle kits. This special soap removes the Urushiol, which is the invisible oil from these plants that causes rash and itching. The active ingredient is Jewelweed which is able to release and remove the oil from your skin. You can use immediately after exposure for the best results but the soap can be used as an effective treatment anytime, even if rash occurs. This is an example of a product for which there are few other solutions that work so well.

Available for $2.99 plus shipping from Amazon
And here is another brand too.

Post SHTF Childbirth

SurvivalistBoards discusses the reality of childbirth post-SHTF:

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

As a woman of childbearing age, this is something I have thought about quite a bit…What are your plans for contraception/childbirth in a post SHTF situation. I thought we could share ideas and support (not necessarily debate about wheather we should attempt reproduction during that time!) So….

1. what sort of “event” are you prepping for?
2. will you use contraception? what kind?
3. What is your plan for childbirth?

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WTSHTF: Here comes Bird Flu!

When fantasy meets reality, you know you may be in trouble…

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

The United Nations warned Monday of a possible resurgence of the deadly bird flu virus, saying wild bird migrations had brought it back to previously virus-free countries and that a mutant strain was spreading in Asia.
A mutant strain of H5N1, which can apparently sidestep defenses of existing vaccines, is spreading in China and Vietnam, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said in a statement Monday. It urged greater surveillance to ensure that any outbreaks are contained.

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SHTF first aid kit. – Survivalist Forum

Excellent discussion of training and kit for medical treatment if SHTF.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

Hey guys, I’m new here and have been looking for a thread with suggestions for a SHTF first aid kit, but cannot seem to find one. Most of the ones sold to the public are filled with mostly band aids and crap like that; but if **** did hit the fan then I believe I’d need a little more than a band aid.

The first thing you should do is get trained in first aid. Then you can determine what you will need in your first aid kit (FAK).

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Peace-Keeping Design

Peace-Keeping DesignPeace-Keeping Design

Keeping critical medications cold is vital during disasters. Many medications such as insulin and vaccines quickly lose their efficacy when not refrigerated. And fridges are rarely found (or working) in disaster zones or once the SHTF. While just a prototype, this concept from Peace-Keepiung Design shows an innovative solution that weighs less than 6 kilos but can be air-dropped securely. Thanks to Wired GadgetLab for originally posting.

Peace-Keeping Design has innovative products for disaster preparedness

David Acton’s SHTF Trauma GoBag

Great video from David Acton on buying or building a trauma go bag.

And here is a link or two to a few complete Trauma GoBags to get you started.

Best EDC Tweezers

Mil-Spec TweezersMil-Spec Tweezers

You will find these tweezers on all of our keychains as well as in each of our medical kits. These are simply the best tweezers ever and they are Made In U.S.A. for our military (NSN: 3740-01-474-7377). Each unit is made from a single piece of stainless steel, resulting in robust design with perfect alignment. The tips are very pointy almost sharp and able to dig out anything. Apparently, after Desert Storm, General Norman Schwarzkopf wrote: “I have never had a pair of tweezers in my life that was worth a damn. Now I do and I appreciate it very much.”

Available direct from CountyComm for $6.95 plus shipping

Nature Made Iron 65mg – 300 Tablets

65mg Iron Tablets65mg Iron Tablets

In a SHTF scenario, iron deficiency could be a real problem, especially if sources of animal protein become scarce for different reasons. Having a supply of iron tablets just makes sense! This recent discussion on SHTFM.com sheds more light on the issue. We recommend storing such iron tablets with other food and vitamin preparations as well as including some in your Bug-Out-Bag‘s medical kit.

Available for $7.50 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

The Health Ranger Report 14 0815 by Prepper Podcast | Blog Talk Radio

Prepper News Excerpt:

Health Ranger Show #47: Interview with John Roulac from Nutiva John Roulac, the president of Nutiva, talks with the Health Ranger about hemp protein, hemp seeds, hemp oils, coconut oil and other whole food products produced by Nutiva.

Listen to internet radio with Prepper Podcast on Blog Talk Radio

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