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The Best AR-15 WTSHTF

If we bought a M4 / AR-15 it’d be a Daniel Defense M4. Watch this and you’ll agree!


If you’ve never seen FUBARPROTOCOL’s YouTube channel, take a minute now.

He offers a lot of useful information and practical knowledge.

SHTF colony

Our single guiding principle is to never, under any circumstance, become a refugee.
So what are your family’s and your plans for WTSHTF?

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

So we all talk about what we are going to do ourselves but is there any reason we can’t set up a plan as to where we can all bug out to and start our SHTF colony? where would be the best area? Maybe multiple areas with comms between different outposts? Thoughts

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Prepping It’s Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

We prep to save money, among other reasons. It’s simply the practical thing to do!

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

In this day and age of being able to go to a store and get practically anything you would ever need or want, the concept of preparing for a disaster escapes some individuals. The time of “Victory Gardens” and canning your surplus vegetables and fruits have fallen by the way side in our current culture. Our society sees people storing vast amounts of food and supplies as paranoid because they are simply not accustomed with the practice, nor do they see the need. Most people cannot conceive the idea that they can be left without food or water, or that they may need to leave their homes in an emergency for a prolonged time. The need for preparations extends to living day to day so you will be prepared for any situation that may arise. Below I will share two separate instances during my childhood where my family being prepared either saved our lives or made life a lot easier to live.

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How To Shoot A Rifle

This article from Art Of Manlliness is truly a great introduction on how to shoot a rifle.

Getting Started Excerpt:

From some men, learning how to properly and safely fire a rifle is a skill they picked up when they were just knee high to a grasshopper. These guys probably got a .22 for their 12th birthday and spent summers in the woods plinking tin cans and squirrels and autumns hunting deer with their dads and grandpas.

How to Shoot a Rifle

Me? I wasn’t one of those guys.

But lately I’ve been wanting to learn how to fire a variety of firearms. I’m sure there are other men out there who, like me, went their entire life not ever shooting a rifle, but now have the desire to learn. It might be because he wants to take up hunting. Maybe he’s interested in home protection. Or perhaps he’s just interested in marksmanship as a hobby in and of itself. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn how to fire a rifle, you need to know how to do it safely and correctly.

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SHTF Firearm Suggestions!

This is the prepper equivalent of that kid’s game about your spouse, house, car, etc.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

I’m compiling a list on firearms to get for SHTF situations. I’m going for one pistol, one smg, one rifle, one shotgun and one sniper rifle.

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Ok, we’ll bite here:
• Pistol – Glock 23
• Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) – Skip This
• Rifle – LMT MWS
• Shotgun – Mossberg 590
• Sniper Rifle – Savage FCP-K

My SHTF Experience-Wartime

You have to read this true, real life SHTF experience now. Are you prepared for this?

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

OK, i wanna share with you my own experience. (be patient with my English, i am from far away )
I am from Bosnia, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city of 50 000- 60 000 residents WITHOUT: electricity, fuel,running water,real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.The city was surrounded for 1 year and in that city actually it was SHTF situation.

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Glock Gen4 Recall

If you are affected and somehow have missed this, please note that Glock “is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols (with the exception of G26 and G27 models). GLOCK has developed a new design to the recoil spring assemblies on its Gen4 pistols to replace several variations that are functioning in the market today. As part of the company’s commitment to perfection, we are voluntarily exchanging the existing RSA in order to ensure our products perform up to GLOCK’s stringent standards.”

Here is how to exchange your recoil spring assembly.

Picking A Survival Rifle By Caliber

A well-prepared post from Survivalist Boards on picking a survival rifle by caliber.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

This is where calibers like the 30-30 and the 308 come in. Ammunition is cheap, neither caliber has excessive recoil and ammunition is readily available.

Keep in mind that the ’06 is the largest caliber that most people can shoot accurately. The recoil is the main reason why I do not suggest the ’06 unless you need that much firepower.

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As always, our advice is to focus on .22LR, .40S&W, .308 and 12 Gauge.

Celente Forecasts Winter of Discontent October Will Be SHTF Plan

We are no fans of Celente but we totally agree with this outlook.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

Leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, discusses a host of issues and topics with Infowars Nightly News host Alex Jones. Among other things, Celente says he’s never seen a summer like 2011, and warns that this Winter will not be a good one for Americans

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