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Solar Power For Laptops

This excellent video from zeleftikam shows a DIY solar power system to run a laptop.

Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger

Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel ChargerAA Solar Panel Charger

We have standardized on AA batteries and we carry these in our bug-out-bags for charging. The foldable solar panels are very lightweight and fit easily in a secure pocket (3.25 x 5.5 x 1.38 inches folded). The charging lights indicate charging progress and completion. The grommets make it easy to hang for best exposure to sunlight. The USB connector is useful for charging other devices and the unit can be used as a power source by leaving batteries in while connected to a device via USB. Specifications: Solar operation: 36 v, 4 amps USB charging: 5 v, 1 amp

Available for $82.99 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger

La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery ChargerAlphaPower Battery Charger

This is a great battery charger for your home or retreat. While we own and use a few different models, including many solar charging units, the AlphaPower from LaCrosse Technology includes some features that we have not found on other products. Specifically the 4 operating modes – Charge, Discharge, Refresh, and Test – combined with the individual LCD displays for each charging compartment make this unit essential for battery maintenance. We recommend purchasing two units as larger batteries (such as C & D cells) can take a lot of space and decrease capacity.

Available from Amazon for $44.80 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

Unlimited Portable Power Supply

Foldable Solar Charger

Ultra compact, ultra lightweight and yet very durable, the PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger is ideal for everyday use. The entire unit weighs only 4.18 oz and still only 7.9 oz with 4 AA batteries. You will be able to charge 4 AA batteries in approximately 6 hours of full sunlight.

Be sure to standardize on AA batteries for all your gear and pickup Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries too.

Available from Amazon for $99 + shipping

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