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SHTF colony

Our single guiding principle is to never, under any circumstance, become a refugee.
So what are your family’s and your plans for WTSHTF?

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

So we all talk about what we are going to do ourselves but is there any reason we can’t set up a plan as to where we can all bug out to and start our SHTF colony? where would be the best area? Maybe multiple areas with comms between different outposts? Thoughts

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Contico Storage Foot Locker

Contico Storage Foot LockerContico Storage Locker

OK, it’s plastic, made in China and from Wal-Mart, but we have been unable to find any better value for similar storage or foot lockers. These units are lockable, have wheels and a solid handle for transport. Each locker holds 23-gallons which is large enough for bulky items without the entire unit becoming impossible to move. While these lockers meet USPS, UPS and airline shipping regulations, we would be wary to ship for fear of breakage. But for storage at home this is an excellent solution. They would also make an excellent Bug-Out-Box for bulk and larger items, assuming vehicle travel.

Available for $34 from Wal-Mart with FREE shipping to your store

Practical Pickers

Meet The Practical Picker!
Getting free stuff is a great way to get prepared and learn skills too.


Razor Barbed Wire Staple Gloves

Razor Barbed Wire Staple GlovesUSGI Staple Gloves

You need these gloves if you plan to work with razor, concertina or barbed wire. Period. Nothing else provides the protection needed when working with these materials. Alleghenny Outlet has the best price we’ve seen for genuine USGI military issue (NSN 8415-01-926-1674) staple gloves. The gloves are one-size fits all and are made from cattle hide leather with a hard textured duck-lined cuff. You can also wear these for intense gardening activities such as removing sticker / pricker bushes. These gloves are indestructible.

Available from Allegheny Outlet on eBay for $24.99 with FREE shipping

TEOTWAWKI Blog Securing Your Home Doors

TEOTWAWKI Blog has a great article on ways to secure your (easily breached) home doors.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

On castles of old, the front gate was often the “soft spot”–the easiest place to breach. Modern homes aren’t built with siege defense in mind (sadly), but doors are still the most common point of entry for thieves and intruders–something like 85% of forcible entries occur through the front door.

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Browning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

Browning AR35f "Tactical" Gun SafeBrowning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

We are unsure what makes this safe “tactical” but it sure is awesome, even despite the cost. The Browning AR35F is a 20-40 gun safe with a lot of cool and useful features. First, it is mighty secure and if properly installed this unit will be difficult or impossible to break-in to or remove. But it’s the unique additions that make it worth considering. There are internal and external accessory racks for your gear and a DPX® storage system with loops for short barrel rifles (and issue we have now with our current safes). Picatinny rails make it easy (and cool) to mount accessories inside the safe. There are pistol racks and plenty of diverse storage for rifles along with a mirrored-back and inside lights for easy access. This is possibly the coolest safe we have ever seen and it’s mighty practical too. If only the cost…

Available from GunSafes.com for $3,099.95 with FREE shipping

Today’s Gun Collection: chaos311clarity

Today we have a two-parter from chaos311clarity with a wicked collection to share:

The Little Things After TEOTWAWKI

PreppingToSurvive was added to our daily reads with this post on prepping snivel items.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

As preppers, we often focus the vast majority of our attention on the big things- the so-called “bullets, beans, and band-aids.” I want to give a little thought and mention to the more minor things that make daily life easier, but may slip off your mental radar.

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Expedition Range Camps

Expedition Range CampsExpedition Range Camps

Expedition Range Camps look awesome! We could happily live in one of these Range Camps indefinitely not just as a sheep camp or off-road trip. Beyond the standard equipment (wood burning stove, queen size bed, spare tire and more) there are a ton of optional equipment that makes these range camps unique. This includes a propane fuel system, rod and gun storage, inside / outside showers, solar and generator power, hardwood floors and frickin’ air conditioning. If you are considering a move off-grid, this could easily be your “base camp” once you land.

Available directly from Expedition Range Camps

NBC Special Forces Protective Suit

NBC Special Forces Protective SuitNBC Protective Suit

Reader BakerBros. sent us this recommendation for a NBC suit. A quick online search shows this is a good value with quantity discounts down to $32.50 each. These two (2) piece suits include pants and smock. So you will need to add gloves, booties and a mask. The suits have cuff closures and pull-string adjustments for a tight fit. Each suit is vacuum packed for storage. It’s better to have a NBC suit and not need one then need one and not have a NBC suit.

Available from QuakeKare for $39.95 (and less) plus shipping

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