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Construction of Secret Hiding Places

Construction of Secret Hiding PlacesSecret Hiding Places

Just like the name implies, this paperback covers the Construction of Secret Hiding Places. This is a great introductory resource to a fun subject. They cover everything from utilizing dead space to the best way to hide stuff in each specific room. There are many enjoyable and useful projects covered. Get your family together this weekend and construct a secret hiding place.

Available from Amazon for $10 plus shipping

SHTF house design? – XDTalk Forums

Good discussion from XDTalk Forums on house design for SHTF times. Worth reading.

WTSHTF News Excerpt:

My question is this, if one starts from scratch with a home design, what features would you design into a house for when things turn ugly?

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Great Article On Someone’s Storage Room

Contributor David Eddings offered this excellent article in Backwoods Home Magazine detailing his efforts in preparing a very thorough storage room. He offers some great details such as details on shelving, information on water storage and purification, and recommendations for the “Butterfly” stoves (and ovens!) that we also prefer.

David Edding's Storage Room

Photo via BackwoodsHome.com by David Eddings


Living Out There Blog

We just added Living Out There from Arsenius the Hermit to our daily reads.

From the blog:

I had a lengthy Marine Corps career, living and working in more than 20 foreign countries during that time of my life. I spent more time at sea than most sailors. For the last 25 years I have lived in the mountains. My log home and out buildings are on a mountain top with a good view of my world. I own my own land and am surrounded by national forest.

Nature Made Iron 65mg – 300 Tablets

65mg Iron Tablets65mg Iron Tablets

In a SHTF scenario, iron deficiency could be a real problem, especially if sources of animal protein become scarce for different reasons. Having a supply of iron tablets just makes sense! This recent discussion on SHTFM.com sheds more light on the issue. We recommend storing such iron tablets with other food and vitamin preparations as well as including some in your Bug-Out-Bag‘s medical kit.

Available for $7.50 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

WaterCop On CoolTools


We discovered this product via Cool Tools, one of our favorite sites (and an inspiration for TIOOIN.com). It was submitted by a Peter Bee at this post. The WaterCop is Made In USA and could be a critical safety in your water system, especially if it is often unattended. The automatic water shut off system with moisture sensors can be installed by an experienced DIY-er but may require a licensed plumber (to secure an insurance reduction, you will likely need to secure a professional installer).

Available From Amazon for $545.95 plus shipping

On a side note, among his many accomplishments and contributions Kevin Kelly was the one-time publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review, a spin-off of the original Whole Earth Catalog, now online. For many in the DIY, preparedness and off-grid communities, this was the first resources to discover ingenious solutions to living a self-sufficient life.

Growing Blueberries From Backwoods Home

Backwoods Home (one of our favorites) has a great article on growing blueberries.

Off-Grid News Excerpt from an article by Ed Mashburn:

I believe blueberries are just about the perfect fruit for small-farm growers who want to not only improve their personal and family nutrition, but also generate a little extra cash at the same time. Although the average small-farm owner probably won’t get rich selling blueberries, that little extra cash in summertime always seems to come at a good time at our house.


In the article, he lists some great reasons to grow blueberries:
1. They are delicious
2. They have health benefits
3. They freeze well
4. They grow nearly anywhere
5. They are easy to grow
6. You can easily sell the excess

Qiviut Socks

Qiviut SocksQiviut Socks

After learning about Qiviut Socks via a post on SurvivalBlog.com, one of their readers tracked down a source in Canada. So we just ordered two pair and will report back on our findings asap. These are apparently the warmest thing you can wear on your feet short of an actual animal. And it’s pretty cool how Muskox rubs off their down to be hand-collected and hand-spun into yarn.

From Spruce Have Farm:

Qiviut – the supersoft down of the Muskox – softer than cashmere, and 8 times warmer than wool. The muskox seasonally rub off their down on brush, where it is collected by hand and spun into exotic yarns. In this case the qiviut is blended into a sockyarn with fine Merino wool (for memory) and nylon (for strength) and knit by the Soxophone Player. The heels and toes in this pair are reinforced.

Available from Sprice Haven Farm in Canada for $98 with FREE shipping (over $100)

Granite Ware Canning Kit

Granite Ware Canning KitGranite Ware Canning Kit

If you have a garden, you should be canning, jarring, blanching and otherwise preserving your harvests! But if you are just getting started, this 12-piece Granite Ware Canning Kit is a great place to start. It includes a 21-quart canner , canner lid, rack that can hold up to 7 1-quart jars, 9-inch colander, 7-1/2-quart blancher pot , blancher drainer insert, blancher lid, lid wrench, funnel, tongs, a jar lifter and a magnetic lid lifter. The pots feature durable enamel-on-steel construction that helps save energy by heating quickly and efficiently. he pots can be used on both gas and electric stovetops, and all parts clean up easily by hand in the sink with warm soapy water.

Available from Amazon for $59.95 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger

La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery ChargerAlphaPower Battery Charger

This is a great battery charger for your home or retreat. While we own and use a few different models, including many solar charging units, the AlphaPower from LaCrosse Technology includes some features that we have not found on other products. Specifically the 4 operating modes – Charge, Discharge, Refresh, and Test – combined with the individual LCD displays for each charging compartment make this unit essential for battery maintenance. We recommend purchasing two units as larger batteries (such as C & D cells) can take a lot of space and decrease capacity.

Available from Amazon for $44.80 with FREE shipping via Amazon Prime

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