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Rats After TSHTF / TEOTWAWKI | The Survival Tribe

The Survival Tribe deals with the harsh (and generally unpleasant) truth about rats.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

I don’t know about you but there isn’t any other creature I hate more in the world than rats!
They absolutely creep me out.
I mean it’s bad enough dealing with them now when the world is functioning normally but what about AFTER a TEOTWAWKI event???

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TEOTWAWKI Blog Securing Your Home Doors

TEOTWAWKI Blog has a great article on ways to secure your (easily breached) home doors.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

On castles of old, the front gate was often the “soft spot”–the easiest place to breach. Modern homes aren’t built with siege defense in mind (sadly), but doors are still the most common point of entry for thieves and intruders–something like 85% of forcible entries occur through the front door.

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Browning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

Browning AR35f "Tactical" Gun SafeBrowning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

We are unsure what makes this safe “tactical” but it sure is awesome, even despite the cost. The Browning AR35F is a 20-40 gun safe with a lot of cool and useful features. First, it is mighty secure and if properly installed this unit will be difficult or impossible to break-in to or remove. But it’s the unique additions that make it worth considering. There are internal and external accessory racks for your gear and a DPX® storage system with loops for short barrel rifles (and issue we have now with our current safes). Picatinny rails make it easy (and cool) to mount accessories inside the safe. There are pistol racks and plenty of diverse storage for rifles along with a mirrored-back and inside lights for easy access. This is possibly the coolest safe we have ever seen and it’s mighty practical too. If only the cost…

Available from GunSafes.com for $3,099.95 with FREE shipping


Legit discussion from Survivalist Boards on Use Of Force if SHTF.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

Suppose something REALLY BAD happens. (Think Katrina, before relief arrived.) You are in your neighborhood, bugging in, or getting ready to bug out, and you have throngs of looters/ne’er do wells/skels & scumbags eyeing your house or loved ones or car. How would you respond in such a situation, use-of-force wise? Can you turn your back on your fellow man who didn’t prepare as well as you? Would you have any qualms about the morality of killing somebody to protect your stash?

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Only Criminals Would Have Guns

Our thoughts go out to Jackie and Ronald Bracey, both for the situation caused by criminals and the hours they worried about their dog Buddy. We’d feel the same way if any of our dogs were lost but happily Buddy has returned home! This story is an example of why you need to have the skills, tools and mindset to protect yourself, your family, your property and your dog.

Buddy, the dog, took off during a violent home invasion.

Four men are accused of holding Jackie Bracey at gunpoint. But Ronald Bracey didn’t hesitate to protect his wife.

He grabbed his gun, firing eight rounds at the intruders – hitting one in the shoulder – and chased them off. Three of the men were caught and arrested.

Read the full story here.

And yes, he did the absolute right thing!

A Gun In Every Room

GunSafeHaven walks you thru practical places to mount a pistol in every room!

What kind of psycho keeps a gun in every room?

Not me, unfortunately; I’d have to be a psycho with a much higher paying job to pull that off. Until I reach such a pinnacle in home defense, I’m just your everyday, run-of-the-mill freak, forced to wear a pistol when I walk from room-to-room. Believe me, if I had the money to safely scatter two dozen pieces around the house, I would. I realize it’s totally overkill and far from necessary, but so is putting potpourri plug-ins in every room, and with all the headaches and nausea they cause, they’re arguably just as dangerous…

Read the full article here.

He recommends the V-Line Desk Mate safe, which we will cover in a future post.

Bulletproof Clothing w/ Video!

The Miguel Caballero company designs and produces PERSONAL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS for the safety of it’s customers – this means they make bulletproof clothing!

Check out the video below:

There is a US-based distributor called Eagle Protective Wear that stocks Miguel’s products (though the Eagle Pro website is almost unusably-slow). Some items are comparable in cost to normal vests and armor, though the proper Level IIIA stuff is quite expensive.

Expedition Range Camps

Expedition Range CampsExpedition Range Camps

Expedition Range Camps look awesome! We could happily live in one of these Range Camps indefinitely not just as a sheep camp or off-road trip. Beyond the standard equipment (wood burning stove, queen size bed, spare tire and more) there are a ton of optional equipment that makes these range camps unique. This includes a propane fuel system, rod and gun storage, inside / outside showers, solar and generator power, hardwood floors and frickin’ air conditioning. If you are considering a move off-grid, this could easily be your “base camp” once you land.

Available directly from Expedition Range Camps

Know Your Locks

Lockpicking is a new hobby and interest here, so we pass along this video featuring Schuyler Towne, founder of OpenLocksport.com, who shares his passion for locks.
This video is part of a series called LearnableCourses.

We recently picked up the Bogata Picks from SerePick for EDC. Check back soon for a review of the Bogata Picks as well as more information on lockpicking.

Remove Yourself From People Search Engines

For those concerned with OPSEC and general privacy, here is a great summary of how to remove yourself from various “search engines” that buy&sell your personal information. We recommend going through the complete list as we found our information on a few of these sites (despite great pains to avoid such scams).


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