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Backpack Bed

Backpack BedBackpack Bed

The Backpack Bed is not quite “tactical” due to it’s size and weight but it does offer a practically bomb-proof shelter. The entire unit weighs around 10 lbs. and provides approximately 6’4″ of sleeping space (2 feet wide). There are too many features to name including “ventilation points aim[ed] to protect you from urine coming down from the sky [from animals]. The UltTrex Lite™ fabric is 7x more waterproof than canvas (which is not super waterproof). Maybe just buy one as a tax-deductible charity donation for the homeless in Australia.

Buy one (1) for you for $199 plus shipping
AND / OR buy one (1) for the homeless for only $63

Watch a strength test as three (3) men try to tear the Backpack Bed:

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