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A Sniper’s Tale In Afghanistan

This a great read and a true story of the excellent work done by military snipers today.

Sniper News Excerpt:

At about 3 a.m. on Aug. 17, four men scrambled from the open door of an armored vehicle, ran to some bushes along the side of an unfinished road, and laid down in the dirt and darkness. The prone figures were still as the drivers idled and then revved the truck engines, resuming the convoy’s northward journey. The sound of the vehicles drifted into a low rumble, and then silence, but the men in the bushes remained motionless. A few minutes later, one man finally gave the signal to move. Only then did the small group quickly, quietly scramble up the side of a mountain, picking their way over jagged rocks toward the summit of a ridge.

The men were members of a US Army sniper team: one commander, one machine gunner, and two snipers. From a “sniper hide” at their destination – one of the innumerable ridges with commanding views of the road – they would conduct the day’s mission: hunting Afghan bomb emplacers.

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MillDot Ballistic Software For iOS

MillDot Ballistic Software For iOSMillDot Ballistic Software For iOS

The Mil-Dot Ballistics software for iOS is a must-have for anyone interested in long-range, precision shooting. The app runs on your iPad or iPhone and provides complete range-finsging and ballistics calculator functions in an easy-to-use format. There are a LOT of features included such as Mil and MOA solutions, moving target solutions, GPS for local weather, ballistic coefficient information and way, way more. This is definitely the best general ballistics software available for smartphones. Also check out there Mil-Dot Rangefinder App for FREE.

Available for $14.99 only from the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone

BALS MK2 Sniper Bean Bag & Pack

BALS MK2 Sniper Bean Bag & PackBALS MK2 Bean Bag & Pack

This product proves there are still plenty of inventions yet made. The MK-2 “BALS” or Ballistic Adjustment Leveling System combines a highly functional stock pack with a built-in rifle rest. The bean bag stores directly on your stock and is easily deployed, is adjusted in seconds and provides a solid, manipulable rest for precision shooting. We recently ditched our “basic” pack / cheek rest and upgraded to these units with excellent results.

Available only direct from SKDTAC for $67.95 plus shipping

Sniper | Flickr

The US Army has a wicked Flickr stream…

US Army Flickr Stream



Found on verydemotivational.com

Tips For Long Range (AR) Shooting

Pretty much none of this is AR-specific but all of it is helpful for long range shooting.

Glam Gun Girl

Glam Gun GirlGlam Gun Girl

Glam Gun Girl brings some fun to firearms with their line of original T-shirt designs featuring “glam gun girls” of the past and present. Our favorite is the “Sniper Girl Destroyed” shirt featured here, especially the back (pictured below). All of their shirts are made by American Apparel, which controversies aside are nice shirts. Some of the T’s have “grinding” at the collar, which might be fashionable but seems to just pre-ruin your shirt…whatever, fashion. Also check out their iPhone case.

Available direct from Glam Gun Girl

Sniper Girl Destroyed Back

Having A Tank For A Spotter

Apparently tankers make excellent spotters, with a range of 4-miles too!

Sniper MBR News Excerpt:

The tanks crews have combined with snipers from 3/2 to form a deadly combination, Toolan said. The long-range optics on the tanks have a range of up to four miles, and have helped Marine forces establish positive identification on enemy fighters at distance, clearing the snipers to fire.

“They’ve been highly effective,” the general said. “Just in the past 10 days, the tank and snipers teams have contributed to about 50 enemy insurgents killed, using the snipers as sharpshooters and the tanks for the surveillance capability. It’s really a great combo, and 3/2 is spearheading that.”

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Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course: Hard-Target Interdiction

Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course: Hard-Target Interdiction.50-Caliber Sniper Course

This book is a must-have for the shelf of anyone interested in long range shooting (which includes more than one of us here). Sgt. First Class Dean Michaels (Ret.) presents the most thorough coverage available of .50 caliber firearms, ammunition and shooting techniques. The publication also includes reproducible ballistic data and a .50 caliber cartridge identification guide.

If your into the .50 then get this book today.

Available for $39.12 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Video Review Of SWFA SS HD 5-20x

We are fans of SWFA SS optics and appreciate this excellent review from Sniper’s Hide.

The SWFA SS HD 5-20x is available direct from SWFA for $1,499.95 plus shipping.

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