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Beryllium – Even Sexier Than it Sounds

While this article was crafted for investors, it offers insight on rare earth’s critical uses.

Sniper News Excerpt:

The young Marine sniper lays motionless in a shallow bed of sand and broken rock on the mountainside in Afghanistan. The sun blazes down, and he’s sweating. He’s spent the morning scanning a valley for Taliban fighters who keep a low profile in their maze of spider holes.

After a while, another Marine – the spotter – says, “I’ve got him. He’s just next to the tree, to the left of that stone house.”

The sniper stares down through the optics of his rifle. Yes, indeed. The image is perfect from over 1,000 meters away. There’s a very shallow footprint in the dirt, and next to it is a telltale cigarette butt. This Taliban has just smoked his last one.

The sniper turns a small knob on the gun sight. The image holds steady. There’s no vibration at all. THE Marine has a clear view, his eyeballs on target, and a confirmed bad guy. He is given his order – fire at will. He squeezes the trigger, and… Wham! One terrorist has been eliminated.

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True Bore

True BoreTrue Bore

This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” devices. The True Bore from Flatline Ops. is a simple device for a difficult task otherwise – ensuring your barrel is level when mounting a scope. The True Bore is magnetic and easily attaches to any barrel on any firearm. The built-in level makes it totally simple to ensure your barrel is level as you mount optics or other shooting tools, such as Flatline’s wicked Angle Cosine Indicator (which we will highlight later this week). We have used this device and can vouch for the quality and value it provides.

Available only direct from Flatline Ops. for $19.99 plus shipping

Gunfire Guard Sniper Finder System

Available in 2012 – we’d like one of these for our retreat / vehicles please : )

Sniper News Excerpt:

The company said its GunfireGuard uses advanced algorithms to isolate a sniper’s firing position while simultaneously recording its latitude and longitude — allowing personnel quickly react to the sniper’s location.

Gunfire Guard

The GunfireGuard system is compact, lightweight and easy to install. Its sniper detection sensor integrates with 3eTI’s VirtualFence wireless sensor and video surveillance application, which has been deployed at dozens of U.S. government facilities.

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2011 International Sniper Competition

Another (after CISC)sniper competition and conference we’d like to attend…

Sniper News Excerpt:

FORT BENNING, Ga. — Two-man sniper teams will participate at the 2011 International Sniper Competition and Symposium Sept. 23 through 30 at Fort Benning.

The teams represent active-duty Army units, the Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Air Force, Pentagon Defense Police, the San Diego police department and the countries of Canada, Germany and Ireland.

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Special Forces Sniper Course

Special Forces Sniper Course, Fort Bragg, N.C. Produced by Sgt. 1st Class Teresa R. Coble. Provided by Defense Imagery Management Operations Center.

Global snipers conference scheduled for CFB Gagetown

We would love to be attending and competing at this event with world-class snipers.

Sniper News Excerpt:

FREDERICTON – Snipers from across the world are preparing to converge on Canadian Forces Base Gagetown. The 15th Canadian International Sniper Concentration – set to run Sept. 6 to 16 – will bring together military teams from across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy and the United States. There will also be eight police teams participating.

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IDF develops doctrine for accurate sniper fire

Sounds like effective tech for laser-designating a target that is not visible to the eye.

Sniper News Excerpt:

The doctrine includes the use of the Amit targeting system, which was developed by Elbit Systems and became operational in the IDF following Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in 2009.

The Amit weighs less than 2 kg., including an eight-hour rechargeable battery, and enables an operator to locate targets up to a kilometer away, under all weather conditions.

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Snugpak Sniper Veil

Snugpak Sniper VeilSnugpak Sniper Veil

Snugpak makes quality sleeping bags and clothing in the UK and this sniper veil is no exception…we can attest to the quality and value of this product. Measuring 48″ x 40″, the sniper veil provides considerable coverage and camouflage in a lightweight package. The knit fabric is very strong and resistant to “pulls” or other damage. This is a great addition to any sniper’s loadout.

Available for $12 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Brownless Glass Bedding Kit

Brownless Glass Bedding KitGlass Bedding Kit

We just used this kit, so we can attest to the quality and value. The Brownless GLass Bed Kit includes everything you need to bed (or rebed) your rifle. We used this on an used Choate stock for a M1A that did not sit well. This kit only includes 1 ounce of fiberglass resin, so if you have a bigger job get a bigger kit. Also included are the hardener, release agent and other items needed for a bedding job. This is a great DIY project.

Available from Amazon for $25 plus shipping

Here is a great (though simplified) video from Midway on the basics of glass bedding:

Brunton ICON Binoculars

Brunton ICON BinocularsBrunton ICON Binoculars

If money were no object, we still doubt we’d find a reason to buy these…so this is kind of an anti-review of sorts. But the Brunton ICON binoculars do look very nice for ‘um birdwatching or something. For literally 1/20th the cost, we’d recommend a decent pair of Celestron 20×80 binoculars for non-tactical uses.

Available direct from Brunton for a staggering $2,375 plus shipping

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