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Prepping It’s Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

We prep to save money, among other reasons. It’s simply the practical thing to do!

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

In this day and age of being able to go to a store and get practically anything you would ever need or want, the concept of preparing for a disaster escapes some individuals. The time of “Victory Gardens” and canning your surplus vegetables and fruits have fallen by the way side in our current culture. Our society sees people storing vast amounts of food and supplies as paranoid because they are simply not accustomed with the practice, nor do they see the need. Most people cannot conceive the idea that they can be left without food or water, or that they may need to leave their homes in an emergency for a prolonged time. The need for preparations extends to living day to day so you will be prepared for any situation that may arise. Below I will share two separate instances during my childhood where my family being prepared either saved our lives or made life a lot easier to live.

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Contico Storage Foot Locker

Contico Storage Foot LockerContico Storage Locker

OK, it’s plastic, made in China and from Wal-Mart, but we have been unable to find any better value for similar storage or foot lockers. These units are lockable, have wheels and a solid handle for transport. Each locker holds 23-gallons which is large enough for bulky items without the entire unit becoming impossible to move. While these lockers meet USPS, UPS and airline shipping regulations, we would be wary to ship for fear of breakage. But for storage at home this is an excellent solution. They would also make an excellent Bug-Out-Box for bulk and larger items, assuming vehicle travel.

Available for $34 from Wal-Mart with FREE shipping to your store

Yankee Prepper Pizza

“Eat well and cheaper” – we love that advice!

From YankeePrepper

Jewish Preppers: Review: Tactical Tool Roll by CountyComm.com

The Jewish Preppers blog has an excellent review of the Tactical Tool Roll from CountyComm.

Prepper News Excerpt:

The Tactical Tool Roll was designed to carry your necessary tools to your jobsite and then be laid out with everything visible and easy to get at. It can even be hung up over a door knob using it’s carry handle.

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The Tactical Tool Roll is available only from CountyComm for $24.50 plus shipping

Browning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

Browning AR35f "Tactical" Gun SafeBrowning AR35F “Tactical” Gun Safe

We are unsure what makes this safe “tactical” but it sure is awesome, even despite the cost. The Browning AR35F is a 20-40 gun safe with a lot of cool and useful features. First, it is mighty secure and if properly installed this unit will be difficult or impossible to break-in to or remove. But it’s the unique additions that make it worth considering. There are internal and external accessory racks for your gear and a DPX® storage system with loops for short barrel rifles (and issue we have now with our current safes). Picatinny rails make it easy (and cool) to mount accessories inside the safe. There are pistol racks and plenty of diverse storage for rifles along with a mirrored-back and inside lights for easy access. This is possibly the coolest safe we have ever seen and it’s mighty practical too. If only the cost…

Available from GunSafes.com for $3,099.95 with FREE shipping

Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth MagnetsRare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets “are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements” (Wikipedia). This tiny magnets can support a huge weight making them perfect for unique mounting jobs, such as a gun safe. K&J Magnetics has an excellent selection and very fair prices. Rare Earth Magnets can be costly due to being made of “rare earth” elements, so it’s worth calling them to get the right product and best price. They also stock “levitation” kits such as the one pictured here – a permanent science experiment for your desk.

A variety of magnets are available from K&J Magnetics

Great Bread Recipe For Stored Wheat

Countryside Magazine has a great recipe online for making Real “Whole” Whole Wheat Bread. This is an excellent recipe for anyone using stored wheat such as Hard Red Wheat.

I had made all our bread products for some years but making real whole wheat bread come out nice was a challenge for me. I had gotten pretty reliably good with white bread flour but wanted to transition to whole wheat for health and conscience reasons. Most of the recipes I’ve found say “Whole Wheat Bread” in the title but in fact are usually at least half white flour (and extra gluten) to get a good rise. I wanted easy, plain, cheap, dependable and tasty. The recipe/method I’ve been using for a couple of years now combines tricks from several sources and meets all my requirements. The dough works equally well, to our tastes, for bread, rolls or buns, and pizza.

Get the recipe and tips here.

Today’s Gun Collection: chaos311clarity

Today we have a two-parter from chaos311clarity with a wicked collection to share:

Today’s Gun Collection: GTO3235

Today’s featured collection is from GTO3235 – who sports a well-stocked armory.

Patrol Magazine Pouch

Patrol Magazine PouchPatrol Magazine Pouch

Yesterday we highlighted Original S.O.E. Gear’s 12ga Pull-Out Pouch and the Rallyman Magazine Pouch. Here is another option for the 12ga Pull-Out or other magazine configurations – the Patrol Magazine Pouch. The Patrol Magazine Pouch is highly configurable, able to haul “Three M4 magazines, one pair of clamped MP5 magazines, one USGI standard smoke grenade or flashbang, two FAL/G3/M14 magazines, 16rnds of 12ga on our optional pullout tray (sold seperately); two double-stack or four single-stack magazines (or similarly-sized tool).”

Available only direct from Original S.O.E. Gear for $35 plus shipping

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