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The Little Things After TEOTWAWKI

PreppingToSurvive was added to our daily reads with this post on prepping snivel items.

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

As preppers, we often focus the vast majority of our attention on the big things- the so-called “bullets, beans, and band-aids.” I want to give a little thought and mention to the more minor things that make daily life easier, but may slip off your mental radar.

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DIY Ranger Bands

The guy(s) from 2 Brother’s Adventures show how to make DIY ranger bands for free:

12ga Pull-Out Pouch

12ga Pull-Out Pouch

Combined with a Rallyman Magazine Pouch, the 12ga Pull-Out Pouch is the perfect rig for carrying shotgun ammunition on your load-out. The Pull-Out Pouch provides instant access to twelve (12) rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. The pouch holds six (6) rounds on the face and another six (6) rounds on a second tray. This provides a pair of full reloads on most combat shotguns in a secure and efficient design.

Available only direct from Original S.O.E. Gear for $55 plus shipping

Peace-Keeping Design

Peace-Keeping DesignPeace-Keeping Design

Keeping critical medications cold is vital during disasters. Many medications such as insulin and vaccines quickly lose their efficacy when not refrigerated. And fridges are rarely found (or working) in disaster zones or once the SHTF. While just a prototype, this concept from Peace-Keepiung Design shows an innovative solution that weighs less than 6 kilos but can be air-dropped securely. Thanks to Wired GadgetLab for originally posting.

Peace-Keeping Design has innovative products for disaster preparedness

Today’s Gun Collection From YouTube: remingtonltr

Today’s collection is from YouTube user remingtonltr – great setup!

Today’s Gun Collection From YouTube: Mryeadon

We just stumbled on a genre of videos showing SHTF preps. We present Mryeadon today.

Danish Pound Cake In Cans

Danish Pound Cake In CansPound Cake In Cans

These canned pund cakes are super delicious and perfect for food storage. You can order a six (6) pack on Amazon Prime making each unit on $3.72 each. Granted you can bake your own pound cake for much less, but probably not can them for storage at this cost. And did we mention how super delicious these are?! The Ya-Hoo! Baking Co. is based in Sherman, TX and offers a variety of other products too.

Available for $22.34 for a six (6) pack with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

David Acton’s SHTF Trauma GoBag

Great video from David Acton on buying or building a trauma go bag.

And here is a link or two to a few complete Trauma GoBags to get you started.

Great Article On Someone’s Storage Room

Contributor David Eddings offered this excellent article in Backwoods Home Magazine detailing his efforts in preparing a very thorough storage room. He offers some great details such as details on shelving, information on water storage and purification, and recommendations for the “Butterfly” stoves (and ovens!) that we also prefer.

David Edding's Storage Room

Photo via BackwoodsHome.com by David Eddings


Best Deal We’ve Found For Grimloks

Grimloks For Two BucksGrimloks For $2

CountyComm has the best deal we have ever seen on Grimloks for $2 each.

CountyComm is one of our favorite suppliers with a unique inventory of very useful items for EDC, Bug-Out-Bags and beyond.

Only $2.00 each from CountyComm

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