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Defender 308 Body Armor

Defender 308 Body ArmorDefender 308 Body Armor

This is a very affordable soft body armor solution and it is Made In USA. The Defender series from US Palm offers a variety of models but we prefer the Defender 308 which provides pouches for three (3) .308 magazines and three (3) pistol magazines. The Defender provides level IIIA protection in an easy-to-use package. While the base unit only provides front panels, you can purchase a soft rear panel and the Defender also works as a plate carrier too. For the price there is almost nothing like the Defender series which offers a practical entry-level package for everyone. There is no excuse to not have body armor with kit like this available!

Available only direct from US Palm for $199.99 plus shipping

DIY Ranger Bands

The guy(s) from 2 Brother’s Adventures show how to make DIY ranger bands for free:

12ga Pull-Out Pouch

12ga Pull-Out Pouch

Combined with a Rallyman Magazine Pouch, the 12ga Pull-Out Pouch is the perfect rig for carrying shotgun ammunition on your load-out. The Pull-Out Pouch provides instant access to twelve (12) rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. The pouch holds six (6) rounds on the face and another six (6) rounds on a second tray. This provides a pair of full reloads on most combat shotguns in a secure and efficient design.

Available only direct from Original S.O.E. Gear for $55 plus shipping

Rallyman Magazine Pouch

Rallyman Magazine PouchRallyman Magazine Pouch

The Rallyman Magazine Pouch is one of the most versatile storage options available. The pouch will hold either; three (3) M4 magazines, two (2) AK47/74 or FAL/M14/G3 magazines, one (1) smoke grenade or one (1) of the 12ga Pull-Out Pouches for shotgun rounds. So basically this is going to fit whatever you got! The lid is secured with a fastex buckle and both sides have PALS webbing (you can also get pistol mags on the side, though we do not prefer this configuration). And each pouch has quick drain grommets at bottom to ensure water drains quickly. Original S.O.E. Gear makes incredibly tough kit so you can count on this for a lifetime.

Available only direct from Original S.O.E. Gear for $35 plus shipping

M.O.U.T M4 Rig

M.O.U.T M4 RigM.O.U.T M4 Rig

This is a great chest rig on sale from SpecOps – you save $100 from regular price. The Military Operations On Urban Terrain rig holds eight (8) M-16/AR-15, 30 round magazines in double-spaces pouches that are sewn directly to the rig. The entire harness is lightweight, easily donned and fully adjustable to be worn with or without body armor. And all SpecOps products are Made In USA and backed by a solid lifetime warranty. Order two now before they are gone!

Available on sale from SpecOps for $19.95 plus shipping

Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag Pouch

Triple/Triple 7.62/Glock Mag PouchTriple/Triple 7.62/Glock

This is the perfect shingle for our rigs. ATS Tactical supplies a “triple triple” to fit three (3) magazines of 7.62 behind three (3) Glock (or other) mags. This is the perfect solution for proponents of battle rifles over carbines. Mounting two (2) of these allows the carriage of six (6) rifle and size (6) pistol magazines – a great load-out for serious situations. And while not Made In USA the ATS product line is backed by a lifetime warranty. We also like their 7.6 Modular Chest rig for smaller load-outs.

Available direct from ATS Tactical for $61.95 plus shipping

RTB 12 Gauge vs Glasses

RomeoTangoBravo.net spent some time on a quality test and review of 5.11′s Tactical Series Deflect Eyewear, which ended up receiving a few rounds of 12 GA #8 shot. Their summary “After seeing the effectiveness of the 5.11 Tactical Deflect Eyewear I have no reservations wearing or recommending them to you.” Read the full article here.

Brunton ICON Binoculars

Brunton ICON BinocularsBrunton ICON Binoculars

If money were no object, we still doubt we’d find a reason to buy these…so this is kind of an anti-review of sorts. But the Brunton ICON binoculars do look very nice for ‘um birdwatching or something. For literally 1/20th the cost, we’d recommend a decent pair of Celestron 20×80 binoculars for non-tactical uses.

Available direct from Brunton for a staggering $2,375 plus shipping

SLAP Sling Plate For AR-15s

SLAP Sling Plate For AR-15sSLAP Sling Plate

We use the SLAP Sling Plate on our AR-15s, so we can personally attest to the quality and usability of this product. The SLAP plates are waterjet cut from carbon steel, so the machining is very high quality. And because they are a single, solid unit they do not jingle like many similar products (uh, Magpul). The attach point works equally well with most sling attachments or 1″ webbing. Mounting is as simple as stock change and take only a few minutes. One word of warning – we found that the SLAP abraded our thumb due to positioning so we wear gloves or just build calluses!

Available only direct from iKickHippies.com for $20 plus shipping

Magpul Angled Foregrip (AFG)

Magpul Angled Foregrip (AFG)Magpul Angled Foregrip (AFG)

Not just for AR-15s, the Magpul Angled Forefrip (AFG) mounts to any standard mil-spec Picatinny rail. We use the AFG on our M1A Socom 16 Scout with a custom Choate stock that includes an underside rail (pictures soon). The AFG provides a MUCH more ergonomic grip than “vertical” foregrips, which create an unnatural hold and stance for many shooters. You can learn more and purchase direct from Magpul here.

Available from Amazon for $37.95 with FREE shipping

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