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Best Deal We’ve Found For Grimloks

Grimloks For Two BucksGrimloks For $2

CountyComm has the best deal we have ever seen on Grimloks for $2 each.

CountyComm is one of our favorite suppliers with a unique inventory of very useful items for EDC, Bug-Out-Bags and beyond.

Only $2.00 each from CountyComm

Cold Steel Pocket Shark Pen

Cold Steel Pocket Shark PenPocket Shark Pen

This is basically a permanent marker but built like a tank. It’s made from high impact plastic and features walls that are 4 times thicker than similar markers along with a screw-on cap. This means it’s built for impact and, in a self-defense emergency it can become an efficient Yawara stick for driving off an attacker. It’s the biggest, baddest, permanent marker around!

Available from Amazon for $8.21 with FREE shipping

Not Waterproof, But Still Good “Dry” Sacks

3-Pack “Ultimate” Dry Sack

While not completely waterproof (or “Ultimate”), these “dry” sacks are definitely water repellent. But the best part of the Outdoor Products 3-Pack Ultimate Dry Sack is that a set of 3 sacks in varying sizes is only $12 (and Amazon Prime) making them a very inexpensive option for organizing your bug-out-back or kit contents. The sacks are super compact when not in use and include a roll-top that allows you to maximize compression of your items. And the orange sack could definitely be used for emergency signaling.

Available from Amazon for $12 for the set of three (3) sacks with Amazon Prime.

Hard Time Glove

Hard Time GloveHard Time Glove

We just ordered a few pairs! These new gloves look awesome and KitUp! has a great review. The Hard Time Gloves feature American made Kevlar® back panel for flash and slash protection and articulated TPR-covered two-piece hard knuckle protection. They even have a patent (Patent # 7,287,285) for their Tactical Touch™ precision fit fingertips which provide maximum dexterity and comfort. The gloves are made of durable Goatskin leather palm, finger facings and fourchettes and finger joint reinforcements with wrist closure and pull tab. We recommend buying two pair now!

Available from 5.11Tactical for $79.99 plus shipping

Photon Freedom LED w/ IR Beam

Photon Freedom LED Keychain w/ IR BeamPhoton LED w/ IR Beam

The Freedom Micro is the most advanced easy-to-use micro-light from the leader in Micro-Light technology. Made in the United States, Photon Micro-Lights are approximately the size and weight as a US quarter. They feature the brightest LEDs in the world and smart-circuitry. Infrared (IR) beam for night vision gear. Powered by x1 CR2032 battery. Includes keychain, clip holder and cord.

Available from Amazon for $13.27 (and free shipping via Amazon Prime)

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