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Many Thanks Mike!

Many thanks to Mike of Everyday, No Days Off for pointing out some issues with our site layout. We’ve made half the changes and improved the sidebar. Will fix the header asap.


Just goes to show you can only fix “it” if you know it’s there. No egos please!

Definitely check out the related ENDOtactical’s YouTube channel and website too.

Thanks For The Tip, Weer’d World

TIOOIN was mentioned in this article on Weer’d World. Thanks!

TIOOIN Post: We’re On A Boat

We’re starting a new regular feature – TIOOIN Posts – where we reference real life examples of why Two Is One, One Is None. So when you’re packing and ask “How many?” the answer should be obvious – TIOOIN!

TIOOIN News Excerpt:

“Hey Bro, listen, we are moving a 54 foot cruiser for a friend and the GPS just went out – trying to get it back – no idea where I am – can I call you back later?”

I told him to check the antenna lead for corrosion, restart the unit, and other than that it is probably a lost cause. I think at the same time we both thought “Maybe a guy that owns a 54 foot boat thought to buy a $90 throw-down back up GPS unit?”

Everything works before it breaks – so you’re not allowed to be too suprised when the more sophisticated electronics go bad.

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This post at TotalSurvivalistLibertarianRantfest.com is a perfect example of the TIOOIN philosophy…and shows how some people just don’t get it. Just remember this simple rule when considering how many of anything to pack – two is one, one is none! LINK

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