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Razor Barbed Wire Staple Gloves

Razor Barbed Wire Staple GlovesUSGI Staple Gloves

You need these gloves if you plan to work with razor, concertina or barbed wire. Period. Nothing else provides the protection needed when working with these materials. Alleghenny Outlet has the best price we’ve seen for genuine USGI military issue (NSN 8415-01-926-1674) staple gloves. The gloves are one-size fits all and are made from cattle hide leather with a hard textured duck-lined cuff. You can also wear these for intense gardening activities such as removing sticker / pricker bushes. These gloves are indestructible.

Available from Allegheny Outlet on eBay for $24.99 with FREE shipping

Screw Removal Pliers

Screw Removal PliersScrew Removal Pliers

These Screw Removal Pliers from Aven are a solution for which there is often no other option – a stripped screw, especially a precision situation where you cannot drill or tear it out. The specially designed jaws have vertical serrations to maximize friction. This allows a firm grip on nearly any screw head. These are quality built products made of HRC-56 hardened steel. They will last a lifetime for sure. Aven offers smaller and larger sizes but we have found the 150mm to be a perfect size for most uses.

Available for $24.27 with FREE shipping from Amazon Prime

Rescue Tool w/ Cable Cutter

Channellock Rescue Tool

We love this multifunction Rescue Tool from Channellock. At only 1.59 lbs. and less than 11 inches long, it packs a lot of power into a small package. The 89 Rescue Tool w/ Cable Cutter includes a cable cutter with hardened steel edges along with a Spanner Wrench (for up to 6″ couplings) and a tool-steel punch (that shatter safety glass). Plus a pry bar and a gas shutoff wrench. The narrow profile lets it fit in a tight spot and makes it easy to store in your vehicle.

Available directly from Channelock for $55.28 plus shipping

Mini Trowel Replaces E-Tool For Small Packs

Mini Trowel For Small Packs

In a small pack or bug-out-bag, an E-Tool may be too heavy. But you still need a tool that provides good digging capability in a small size. This 9″ Stainless Steel Folding Trowel gets the job done and only weighs 7.7 ounces including a canvas storage bag. The compact size and low weight allow you to include this tool in any kit.

Available from Amazon for $9.13 + shipping

Inexpensive But Highly Functional Multitool

Walther Multi Tac Knife

Sometimes you don’t want to buy a $150 multitool for one of your kits. In those cases, the Walther Multi Tac Knife is a great choice considering the functionality for the low cost of $25. The knife comes in an awesome case with plenty of attachment options. The main blade is 3.25in with partial serration. A bottle opener and can opener are included. There is also a pliers that swings opens and provides decent leverage considering the small size. A set of bits are included for a variety of common tasks.

Available from Amazon for $24.97 + shipping

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