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The Best AR-15 WTSHTF

If we bought a M4 / AR-15 it’d be a Daniel Defense M4. Watch this and you’ll agree!


If you’ve never seen FUBARPROTOCOL’s YouTube channel, take a minute now.

He offers a lot of useful information and practical knowledge.

Practical Pickers

Meet The Practical Picker!
Getting free stuff is a great way to get prepared and learn skills too.


Yankee Prepper Pizza

“Eat well and cheaper” – we love that advice!

From YankeePrepper

Survival Training School of California

Check out these videos and linsk from STSCThomas’s channel including footage of the Badlands Walkabout where he survives a 135 mile trek through Death Valley with only a knife, his skills and what he finds along the way.

How To Make Primitive Traps

Box-To-Mag Loader

Box-to-Mag Loader

We don’t like to post “coming soon” products but this looks to useful to skip. The Box-To-Mag Loader does what it’s name implies – it allows you to easily load ammo (for your M4/AR-15) directly from box to magazine…and very quickly and efficiently too! The product is listed as $24.95 with pre-order in September and availability in October. Pre-orders will receive $7 off, which is a good discount. We subscribed and will report back with news when available.

Available soon and only from 3Pointi

Solar Power For Laptops

This excellent video from zeleftikam shows a DIY solar power system to run a laptop.

Haley Strategic Shows “What’s In Your Bag?”

Visit Haley Strategic for some excellent training drills, videos and targets!

Yankeeprepper Gets You Started On a Budget

Yankeeprepper walks you through some prep plans on a budget:

Getting Started: Gun Works On Reloading

Planning to get into reloading? Watch these videos:

Visit Down East Gun Works for more information on their reloading products.

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