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Big Berkey Black Replacement Water Filters

Big Berkey Black Replacement Water FiltersBig Berkey Black Replacement Water Filters

This is the best deal we have ever found on Big Berkey “Black” Water Filters at about $51 each. Please send us a link if you can find these cheaper anywhere else. These filters are for a Big Berkey or a DIY Berkey too. Together these four (4) filters provide a total treatment capacity of 12,000 gallons. Berkey filters provide almost 100% reduction of pathogens including Giardia, E. Coli and many other pathogens, heavy metals and harmful compounds – read more here. We highly recommend Berkey filters as the cornerstone of your water purification system.

Available from Amazon for $203 for four (4) filters with FREE shipping

WaterCop On CoolTools


We discovered this product via Cool Tools, one of our favorite sites (and an inspiration for TIOOIN.com). It was submitted by a Peter Bee at this post. The WaterCop is Made In USA and could be a critical safety in your water system, especially if it is often unattended. The automatic water shut off system with moisture sensors can be installed by an experienced DIY-er but may require a licensed plumber (to secure an insurance reduction, you will likely need to secure a professional installer).

Available From Amazon for $545.95 plus shipping

On a side note, among his many accomplishments and contributions Kevin Kelly was the one-time publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review, a spin-off of the original Whole Earth Catalog, now online. For many in the DIY, preparedness and off-grid communities, this was the first resources to discover ingenious solutions to living a self-sufficient life.

The Best Way to Purify Water | American Teotwawki

Good, simple advice on purifying water from American-Teotwawki.com:

TEOTWAWKI News Excerpt:

It is important to be prepared for an emergency anytime we venture into the unknown and that includes knowing the best way to purify water.

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Large Glass Jar w/ Glass Stopper

Glass Bottle w/ Glass StopperGlass Bottle & Stopper

Some essential supplies, such as Calcium Hypochlorite for water purification, can only be stored in non-metallic containers (as the fumes will react with / destroy any metal and allow a chlorine gas leak). The preferred method of storage is to use all glass bottles such as this 250ml wide-mouth flint Reagent bottle with a ground glass stopper.

For more information on treating and purifying water with Calcium Hypochlorite, we recommend the excellent articles at SurvivalBlog.com for further reading.

Available from Amazon for $23.45 + shopping

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